March 30, 2010

And where have I been??

Oh, readers, I have missed you! You've missed me, right??? Well, I'll pretend you were all sitting on the edge of your seating waiting. Let's just say we are now having our "Spring Premiere" here at Jessica & Jeremy.

So I'm sure you're just dying to know where I have been. You know, in my exciting, always changing life.

Well, friends, I have been here:

and here:

Yes, my life has been exciting this past month. And I have neglected you. But no more. School is ending this month and I have LOTS to blog about. So... be on the lookout for many, many updates. To prove it, here's a sneak peek:

We are buying a house!
Parker is one needy dog.
My brother loves me... I think.
And the lady at Joann's must be from the Deliverance...

Man, I hope you can stand all the suspense!!