June 25, 2012

{video of the week} A typical Sunday

Jeremy and I were in another room, when we all of sudden heard the television turn on, the channel changing, and the volume going up. We ignored it for a few minutes while we finished our task at hand and then realized that B was no longer with us. When we got into our living room, this is what we found. B lounging on the couch watching golf. I couldn't have been prouder. This furthers my suspicions that he will one day be a doctor obviously.

Later that day, he got a hold of the remote again and this time turned the TV to soccer. He got really heated watching the teams play.

In fact, he insisted on showing them how to properly kick a ball.

Notice how he kicks with his left foot?? My sister, Rebekah, said that this is a great thing because left-footed soccer players go further and are better. Thankfully, this has come naturally so we haven't had to become all stage mom on him, but we are on standby in case he ever changes his mind and tries to use that right foot.

The photo below is not from Sunday, but from today. I had to add it because it is hilarious.

This is B. He fell asleep WHILE eating his lunch. I wish I could say it was because we ran around all morning outside and I wore him out, but unfortunately I was in the bathroom yet again puking my insides out while B was in front of the television or playing with his toys... inside. Maybe he just sensed my need for him to take a nap on schedule today so that I could continue in my state of utter despair without the guilt. He is a sweet kid like that.

June 22, 2012