February 25, 2011

Video of the Week: Parker has issues

Seriously. Major issues.

And personality. Major personality.

The combination of the two is dangerous.. and tons of fun!

For this week's video, I decided to catch some of his personality and issues on video.

I'm telling you, I have no idea where he gets either.

But to be part of our family, I guess you've got to have both.

February 24, 2011

Out on the Town

Our wonderful pediatrician strongly recommended that we avoid taking Bradley to crowded places until after he received his two month shots.

Since it is flu season and our entire community has been sick and spreading their sick germs, I concurred. This meant no restaurants, no shopping, and no church. Bradley {and I} were basically on house arrest.

It was alright... for the most part. And overall, I'm glad we obeyed doctor's orders. However, it didn't prevent Bradley from getting sick. He got a virus and an ear infection which was completely aggravating.

BUT-- that's all in the past. Now, Bradley has now gotten his two month shots. He cried, I cried, we all cried. It was horrid.

The minute it was done. we started planning outings.

We went out to eat multiple times. We went shopping. And we went to church.

Well, tried to go to church.

I had really missed going. I missed seeing our church family, who we love so much. I missed hearing the Sunday School lesson and the Sermon. I missed singing. I really missed how it got me focused for the week ahead. So I was excited about going plus I was going to be able to show off my son.

The morning went well. I dressed Bradley is his Sunday wear and we were out the door.

Sunday School was first. Bradley was smiling and cooing at everyone. Super cute. But then he wouldn't stop... and then he whined. So I took him out and we hung out in the hallway talking to a friend of mine.... with a vacuum cleaner in the background.

Yes, I am a desperate mom who has downloaded a white noise app so that I can have the sound of a vacuum cleaner with me at all times to calm my son. And yes, we played it at church. People kept walking by and looking around for an intercom system that wasn't working. But no. It was my phone. 

Then, we went to big church. I begged Jeremy to let us sit below the sanctuary and listen to the sermon over the speakers. I told him that I knew our son. Sunday School was embarrassing enough. Church would be way worst and there was no way he was going to make it the whole time.

But Jeremy, The Brave One, insisted on just trying.

We lasted through the songs. Then, the minute the sermon started so did Bradley.

I was mortified. It was exactly the thing I wanted to avoid.

And so we left... with a screaming baby.

Next week, I think we'll try the nursery and pray that the sickness of all the young has passed.

February 22, 2011

The blog, the den, and the Parker

Notice anything different about the blog??

Yup. It's been redone. The old design was just driving me crazy. It was not clean looking enough. Areas of it didn't function exactly like I wanted. It was gloomy looking. And basically I just didn't like it. So I went on a hunt for a new blog design and came across Penny Lane Designs. Her designs are chic and clean and extremely functional. They are also made for Blogger which is the site I have chosen to host our blog. It was a perfect match. I couldn't be happier with the outcome! I am seriously loving it. Hope you are too!

Now on to what's new at our house.

We purchased a rug for our current living room. (This room should not to be confused with the big empty room that we are planning on furnishing this year, but can't make a single decision on because we just aren't agreeing on any of the details.)

The room this rug is for we really aren't sure what we are going to do with it. As of now, we are talking about making it an office/guest room. And since we aren't exactly certain, we knew we needed to purchase a neutral colored rug and one that could adjust to any arrangement in the room.

Enter the company FLOR.

They make carpet squares of all types of colors and designs that can be combined to make any size rug you want. Plus, these tiles are eco-friendly AND do not require a rug pad. The company is truly innovative. And I had been dying to buy one of their rugs, but just wasn't sure how it would work in our home.

Oh, but does it!

And their tagline is right on the mark. It does provide freedom at a super affordable price.

For instance, after measuring the room, Jeremy and I decided to buy enough tiles to create a 7 x 9 rug. Not typical size. But with these tiles making that size is easy. It also made changing the size easy. The minute we laid down all the tiles we immediately changed our mind. The rug is now 6.5 x 6.5 which is just the perfect size.

Here's how the rug works:

The first step was to lay out all the tiles just the way we wanted them.

Then, we used these stickers to connect them.

It really helped having us both work on it together. 

Once the sticker is underneath, you just make sure the tiles are securely attached to each other. 

And before you know it, you are done and have a great looking rug!

Now, I must warn you about one thing. If you have a sweet baby boy like Parker then he will take it upon himself to go ahead and make sure it is comfortable enough for the entire family.

He will find his spot. And refuse to move. You will try as you are connecting the tiles and he'll growl. You'll try as you move furniture back in and he'll expect the furniture to be placed around him.

He will sleep there, play there, and basically live there for days.

Because if your baby boy is anything like ours, he hates the wood floor and will think that he has finally arrived in heaven and the rug was bought for him and him alone.

Please note that this will be a sad day for you because he will no longer want nor need to sit on your lap.

February 18, 2011

Happy Two Months

To some these two months have just flown by. To others, like myself, it feels like it's been six. It's really hard to believe Bradley is just two months old.

He is so alert and now is awake much of the day, sleeping only about 45 minutes in-between feedings.

To the doctor's, he's sleeping through the night. To me, we need about three more hours each night, but are happy with the five.

Bradley is holding his head up all on his own, trying to roll over (He actually did it once by accident and immediately screamed out for someone to save him. I think that the trauma of that one time took away all interest in rolling over again.), and coos all the time.

He loves to kick and smile, is really enjoying story time, and is just growing so fast! (He's in the 97% for height!)

Below are some pictures from this past month. And just so you know I'm kinda obsessed with outfits on my son. If I happen to put him in a particularly cute outfit, I immediately grab my camera and take a picture before he has a chance to spit up or poop on it.

And as an added bonus The Pout that will probably get Bradley anything he ever wants...

February 17, 2011

When Poop Flies

Wednesday nights are late nights in our household.

And by late I mean past 8 p.m. which is when you will normally find me in my bed.

And yes, I go to bed before prime time TV and around the same time as many people below the age of 10 or over the age of 60. Out of necessity, people, out of necessity! 

Well, on Wednesdays Jeremy and I are part of a bible study that starts at 8 p.m. aka at my bedtime.

It gets out around 10 p.m. when my brain is officially mush.

Normally, I then immediately fall into my bed.

Well, last night, it was a little later. And because of an off schedule Bradley wanted to eat right afterward.

Which means we didn't get done for the day until 11 p.m.

Thankfully, I have an awesome husband who knows my need for sleep to be happy which leads to a happy home and so he took on diaper duty. And I quickly crawled into bed.

Except the minute my head hit the pillow I heard a loud bang, yelling, and more yelling.

I immediately think that something horrible has happened to my little man. So I jump out of bed, run up the stairs, and immediately find Jeremy on one side of the room, our son on the changing table, and poo everywhere.

Poor Jeremy is at a standstill. He can't think. He's mad. (Because how dare our son poop without a diaper on... or why do we change it after an eating anyways... or why won't he just stop??? Yes, Bradley continued to poop.

I laugh. Assess the situation and somehow go into action. (It's amazing what mommy genes will allow you to accomplish.)

I quickly talk Jeremy through his shock and back into the world.

And we go into action.

Bradley is moved off the changing table where he has been moving all in his own... you know.. and onto a pad on the floor. I run and start a bath. Jeremy attempts to clean the little man up a little. We give a record 4 minute bath. We get him dried, lotion, and changed; then Bradley goes into the bed and we move on to clean up the mess.

A little after midnight, Jeremy and I are able to put ourselves to bed... fully exhausted.

Ah, parenthood!

February 16, 2011

Bradley's Birth Announcement

I just realized I never posted the little man's birth announcement! Ah! So sorry!

February 12, 2011

Video of the Week: My God is so Great

I am so super excited. For my birthday, Jeremy got me a Flip camera. It's awesome. He's awesome. And our videos are awesome. And because of this new purchase I decided to add a segment to the blog called "Video of the Week." Because really who doesn't love a video? Especially one like this week's.

Each day, Bradley and I sing this song in an effort to get him to recognize that he has arms, they move, and he can make it happen. So far no luck, but we just know that it will happen any day now. I mean, he is a genius child.

February 10, 2011

Nursery Update: It is finished... well almost

You have no idea how excited I am to share with you Bradley's nursery. I have been waiting for this day for MONTHS. Literally. I didn't want to show it to you until I received the final piece from my dad... which he delivered this past weekend! YAY!! So... here we go.


I'm going to walk you through each angle of the room and point out why I chose what. And let me warn you, there are a lot of pictures. Like I said- I'm kind of really excited to show you and so I may have gone a little overboard with the picture taking.

In designing Bradley's room, my main goal was to make it transitional. I wanted to choose pieces that grew along with Bradley. This is why we decided to use Bradley's dresser as a changing table rather than get a separate piece of furniture.

I love this area of Bradley's room. Last night, Bradley was having a fussy fit and so I took him upstairs and placed him on his changing pad. Instantly, he grew quiet. Jeremy asked me why I thought that this area calmed him down. I knew the answer immediately. This is has been a place where Bradley and I have truly bonded. We sing here. We laugh here. We talk here. We play games here. We give each other kisses here. I probably spend way too long changing Bradley's diapers, but it is in this place that I have his undivided attention. It can be 2 a.m. or 1 p.m. and Bradley will just stare at me cooing and smiling. I really love it.

These are on the dresser and are really the reason we chose to have a semi-sailboat theme. Jeremy has had these for forever. I thought it was a great way to bring a piece of him into Bradley's space.

Hanging pictures on plaster walls is enough to cause you to want to jump off a cliff. Seriously, it is the worst thing ever. I hate it with a passion. But the outcome is totally worth it.

The Diaper Champ. It is awesome. We chose it over the Diaper Genie because it takes any trash bag.

This is a HUGE laundry basket. I got it because I figured when Bradley is older we'd need a big one to hold his bigger clothes. However, even at 23 inches long, he already manages to fill it up about every other day.

 This is a random, fun find at Pottery Barn kids while on vacation. 

I wanted to show you a full picture before the close up. This is where we will hang Bradley's art, awards, doctorate degree, etc.

This was one of my BEST finds. Originally priced at $60, I got this wood mobile for merely $18! I was so excited. I searched for weeks for the perfect mobile. And I think I did alright. Oh! And apparently we have plaster ceilings too.... yay!

This is one comfy chair. I mean seriously. It reclines. It's suede. I could live in this chair. Thank you, Jeremy, for convincing me to get it. I love it.

And, of course, no room is complete without a big hippo.

Or a little one.

How fun is a fireplace in a bedroom??

Notice anything about this picture?? I'm all about the little things.

I chose to go with a clean look for the sheets. Also, the crib is convertible. It will turn into a toddler bed and then a full size bed as Bradley grows.

First, I must comment on the Pouf. It has changed my life and because of this I will have one in every room of our house. I got it from CB2.

And do you notice the storage bench?? Yes, this is the piece I have been waiting on.

My dad made this. Isn't it gorgeous?? Jeremy said it is definitely an heirloom piece. I couldn't agree more. My dad spent many, many hours contemplating and working on this piece. Every inch of it, he thoughtfully handcrafted.

You see how the back of the drawer is higher than the sides? This will prevent Bradley from pulling out the drawers. How cool??

This detail matches the detail on both the dresser and the crib.

And these knobs were chosen so that when Bradley climbs he won't hurt himself on them. Isn't my dad wonderful??

Designing this room has been so much fun. I still want to get a bench cushion for the storage bench and I'll be getting Bradley's going home outfit and baptism outfit framed to hang over the glider. But I just couldn't wait any longer to show you.

I hope you enjoyed visiting as much as I have enjoyed sharing.

Our next room is the living room. And, Lord, please help us all. It will be a doozy.

February 9, 2011

Dear Dyson

Dear Dyson,

Let me count the ways I love thee.

I love the way you clean my floors.

I love that your suction will never go away.

I love your bright yellowness.

I love that I no longer have to change a bag or touch the grime.

I love that Jeremy allowed me to buy you all those years ago.

But now I love you all the more.

I love that the minute I turn you on you bring a calm to my son that only you know how to do.

The crying stops and sleep soon takes him over.

I love that this discovery has means my house has never been cleaner.

And I love that my husband is the one that is often required to use you.

Thank you, dear friend, for your magical ways go beyond your expert engineering.

I am forever grateful for you.

February 3, 2011

Planning for the Birthday

My best friend is awesome.

Her birthday is in November.

Last year, she decided to plan her birthday around all the free things she could get for making it one more year on this earth.

Her secret was a website.

A website she so kindly gave me.

A website that I am now using to plan my birthday!

It lists all restaurants and services that one can get for FREE on their birthday. It's seriously exciting stuff.

So what is this website? Sorry, I haven't decided if I want you to have our secret. It might just be a bestie thing. You know, to further our bond. I think we'll start a club with a secret handshake too. You might have to try to figure out the handshake.

Speaking of which- Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer accidentally convinces a gang that he's one of them?? It's hilarious. Maybe you will be so lucky.

Or maybe you will be George.

He got beat up.

A Seinfeld reference can apply to any situation in life.

I think a 24 reference can be applied almost as much too.

We are now on Season 6.

The music has gotten really awesome. It's now danceable.

Jeremy and I like to dance to random music on television.

And, yes, we are cool.

But I'm rambling. What were we talking about?

My birthday!

Yes. And the website.

It's really awesome. Here is what my birthday looks like.

Free 1 dozen Krspey Kreme donuts
Free coffee Dunkin Donuts

Free sub at Firehouse Subs
Free blizzard at Dairy Queen

Free Moe's

How exciting that restaurants take joy in your birth??

I signed up Bradley for even more birthday goodies.

His first birthday will be quite the festivity.

I've already started planning it. So mark your calendars.

Oh. And I'm feeling really nice today. The website is **HERE**.

I hope your birthday is filled with as much fun and freebies as mine!

February 2, 2011

A gift from Mom

Yesterday, I talked about the great cookbook my mom (and dad) got me for Christmas. It changed the whole way I view the kitchen. Seriously, I think it came with pixie dust.

Well, my mom did it again.

Last week, she asked me to check out a site and tell her if I liked any of the jewelry. It's called The Vintage Pearl. All jewelry is handmade and stamped in Oklahoma. It's truly beautiful.

When I was checking out the site, all of it appealed to me. It's so unique and each is a keepsake. But one stood out more.

It was perfect. And on Monday, I got it in the mail!

Thanks Mom! It truly is something I will cherish always.