February 24, 2011

Out on the Town

Our wonderful pediatrician strongly recommended that we avoid taking Bradley to crowded places until after he received his two month shots.

Since it is flu season and our entire community has been sick and spreading their sick germs, I concurred. This meant no restaurants, no shopping, and no church. Bradley {and I} were basically on house arrest.

It was alright... for the most part. And overall, I'm glad we obeyed doctor's orders. However, it didn't prevent Bradley from getting sick. He got a virus and an ear infection which was completely aggravating.

BUT-- that's all in the past. Now, Bradley has now gotten his two month shots. He cried, I cried, we all cried. It was horrid.

The minute it was done. we started planning outings.

We went out to eat multiple times. We went shopping. And we went to church.

Well, tried to go to church.

I had really missed going. I missed seeing our church family, who we love so much. I missed hearing the Sunday School lesson and the Sermon. I missed singing. I really missed how it got me focused for the week ahead. So I was excited about going plus I was going to be able to show off my son.

The morning went well. I dressed Bradley is his Sunday wear and we were out the door.

Sunday School was first. Bradley was smiling and cooing at everyone. Super cute. But then he wouldn't stop... and then he whined. So I took him out and we hung out in the hallway talking to a friend of mine.... with a vacuum cleaner in the background.

Yes, I am a desperate mom who has downloaded a white noise app so that I can have the sound of a vacuum cleaner with me at all times to calm my son. And yes, we played it at church. People kept walking by and looking around for an intercom system that wasn't working. But no. It was my phone. 

Then, we went to big church. I begged Jeremy to let us sit below the sanctuary and listen to the sermon over the speakers. I told him that I knew our son. Sunday School was embarrassing enough. Church would be way worst and there was no way he was going to make it the whole time.

But Jeremy, The Brave One, insisted on just trying.

We lasted through the songs. Then, the minute the sermon started so did Bradley.

I was mortified. It was exactly the thing I wanted to avoid.

And so we left... with a screaming baby.

Next week, I think we'll try the nursery and pray that the sickness of all the young has passed.

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