February 22, 2011

The blog, the den, and the Parker

Notice anything different about the blog??

Yup. It's been redone. The old design was just driving me crazy. It was not clean looking enough. Areas of it didn't function exactly like I wanted. It was gloomy looking. And basically I just didn't like it. So I went on a hunt for a new blog design and came across Penny Lane Designs. Her designs are chic and clean and extremely functional. They are also made for Blogger which is the site I have chosen to host our blog. It was a perfect match. I couldn't be happier with the outcome! I am seriously loving it. Hope you are too!

Now on to what's new at our house.

We purchased a rug for our current living room. (This room should not to be confused with the big empty room that we are planning on furnishing this year, but can't make a single decision on because we just aren't agreeing on any of the details.)

The room this rug is for we really aren't sure what we are going to do with it. As of now, we are talking about making it an office/guest room. And since we aren't exactly certain, we knew we needed to purchase a neutral colored rug and one that could adjust to any arrangement in the room.

Enter the company FLOR.

They make carpet squares of all types of colors and designs that can be combined to make any size rug you want. Plus, these tiles are eco-friendly AND do not require a rug pad. The company is truly innovative. And I had been dying to buy one of their rugs, but just wasn't sure how it would work in our home.

Oh, but does it!

And their tagline is right on the mark. It does provide freedom at a super affordable price.

For instance, after measuring the room, Jeremy and I decided to buy enough tiles to create a 7 x 9 rug. Not typical size. But with these tiles making that size is easy. It also made changing the size easy. The minute we laid down all the tiles we immediately changed our mind. The rug is now 6.5 x 6.5 which is just the perfect size.

Here's how the rug works:

The first step was to lay out all the tiles just the way we wanted them.

Then, we used these stickers to connect them.

It really helped having us both work on it together. 

Once the sticker is underneath, you just make sure the tiles are securely attached to each other. 

And before you know it, you are done and have a great looking rug!

Now, I must warn you about one thing. If you have a sweet baby boy like Parker then he will take it upon himself to go ahead and make sure it is comfortable enough for the entire family.

He will find his spot. And refuse to move. You will try as you are connecting the tiles and he'll growl. You'll try as you move furniture back in and he'll expect the furniture to be placed around him.

He will sleep there, play there, and basically live there for days.

Because if your baby boy is anything like ours, he hates the wood floor and will think that he has finally arrived in heaven and the rug was bought for him and him alone.

Please note that this will be a sad day for you because he will no longer want nor need to sit on your lap.

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