July 31, 2012

Exciting News!!

I have some big news.... like really big news.

I have been holding this news in for MONTHS. And I am soo excited that I can FINALLY talk about it.

Curious? Want to know??

I know. The suspense driving you nuts?? Let me tell you. It's big.

But don't worry. I won't make you wait as long as I've had to wait to share this news with you. Nope. I'm nice. Some people are just slow.... or is it cautious? Either way it's crazy.  Yup... C-R-A-Z-Y.

But without further ado......


 This is Rachael holding Bradley the day he was born. Doesn't she look so natural??

Want to know the really, really cool part?? She's due the day before me. How crazy is that?! So really our kids could have the SAME birthday. And it may be a race to see who can birth the first baby of the year. ;-)

I honestly couldn't be happier for her and her husband, Jeffrey. It is amazing how our stories have just intertwined through this pregnancy. I am so grateful for her and the way she has loved Jeremy and I these last few months. Rachael is one special person who is going to make a beautiful mom.

 The mommy and daddy to be!

I am also happy to report that if it weren't for soreness, she wouldn't even know she was pregnant. Yup, she is one of the 20% who did not experience ANY morning sickness. Can you imagine?? I am completely jealous.

I can also report that the baby in her belly is in good shape. Rachael is one of those amazing moms-to-be who follows all the rules and protects that child from any possible harm. Me, on the other hand, am all about survival. Rachael knows that if she ever is feeling guilty about something she did, she can call me and feel really good about herself and the health of her baby. Ha!

I have really, really loved being a part of Rachael's pregnancy journey. She is one funny girl and I can't wait to tell her child all the things she's been saying and doing. And I am sure Rachael will gladly return the favor.

So... Get out your calendars because at 4 p.m. on August 15, we both find out the sex of our little ones.

My guess is that Rachael is having a BOY. But we'll just have to wait and see.

Congratulations Rachael and Jeffrey!! Your life is about to be filled with sweetness and happiness. A true taste of God's massive love for us. Can't wait to meet your little one and love on him/her for the rest of his/her life.

July 12, 2012

It was a moment

There are things that a Mom looks forward to with her children. Watching their first step. Seeing them learn new words. Waving good bye as they head off to college.

Then, there are things that a Mom knows are coming, but hopes she'll be the rare one that her kids miss that phase or are just so exceptional that it does not effect them. The teething portion of a child's life. The first pee shot across the room. Or what I had the joy of experiencing today.

Bradley has a favorite TV Show. I know he's young. I know I shouldn't let him watch it. But when you are pregnant and having to go to the bathroom every hour and can barely lift your head from weakness, you get desperate for any form of babysitting around. So he has a favorite show- Shawn the Sheep, or what he endearingly calls "Sha Shee". It is the one thing in our entire house that will capture his attention so wonderfully that I do not have to worry about him for a minute. The couch could catch on fire while he is on it and he would have no clue.

Well, this morning, I had to run to the bathroom and wanted to finish getting ready and so I put on Shawn the Sheep and went. About 2 minutes later, Bradley comes running into the bathroom saying, "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh" in a very distressed way. I knew immediately that he had either fallen and had a new boo-boo, found something gross, or was just dirty on his hands. (He hates dirt on his hands for too long.)

I casually ask him what's wrong to quickly discover that there is poo on his hand, around his mouth, and in his mouth. Without hesitation, Bradley runs to the bathroom sink, "uh, uh, uh, uh." I quickly wash off his hands and face and proceed to brush his teeth which for the first time ever he encouraged and didn't fight at all.  Then, I decided to investigate what happened.

I had mistakenly not gotten him fully dressed yet for the day. We are in the process of working on getting laundry done in the next day or so and our clothes options are currently scarce. I was having to grab something from the dryer for him to wear and figured I'd wait until after breakfast and right before we left the house to get him dressed. The least chance of messing up what is probably his last clean outfit, right?? Right.

Bradley has also started sticking his hand down the butt side of his diaper lately. We haven't quite figured out why. He's been involved in some serious teeth making lately so I just figured he itched back there and would ignore it mostly. He poops on a schedule and would usually only do it at a time I knew the diaper was clean. Unfortunately, this morning was a different kind of day.

I guess, he decided to stick his hand down his diaper right after he pooped, didn't realize what he'd done and put his hands in his mouth to gnaw on only to realize that it doesn't taste so good and then came running to me, the mom, to clean up. Yay me!

Don't you just love it when mornings start off so eventful? It really gets the blood flowing.

Happy Thursday!

July 9, 2012

The longest flight/evening of my life

A few weeks ago, I needed to fly out to Texas last minute. Since I stay at home with our son, Bradley, I knew he would need to come along. And, as you know, last minute flights are not cheap so Jeremy and I figured I'd have to do this alone.

Now, you should know that leading up to this trip, I had been extremely sick with a case of baby in my belly. There had been many days where I didn't leave my bed. I was throwing up every few hours, nauseous constantly, and eating so little that I was not consuming enough calories to meet my needs much less a baby's. I had barely walked more than 300 feet in a little over 2 months. Yet, when Jeremy said he doubted we could make it work out so that he could go, I was positive and upbeat about the situation. I said something like, "That's fine. People fly alone with toddlers all the time. I can do this. I know I can."

You have no idea how happy I am to tell you that we found super cheap flights the next day that actually allowed Jeremy to come with Bradley and I. There is no way on this planet that I would have been able to do that trip alone. I would have ended up selling Bradley at some point to the highest bidder and then jumping out of the plane myself. Although, I don't think we would have even made it to the flight. We more than likely would not have even made it much further than security. And in this scenario, Bradley would have still been sold and I would have jumped in front of the train under the airport.

Our flight was scheduled to take off at 7:30 p.m. We chose this time so that Jeremy could work a full day and we were hoping that since B goes to bed around 8, he'd naturally sleep during most of the flight. He is a very good sleeper and he's usually the one to tell us when it is time for a nap or bed! Ha! Was I ever wrong!

We arrived at the airport around 5:00 p.m. We decided to do the park and ride thing. So we grab our extra large suitcase, our hanging bag, diaper bag, Bradley's teddy bear and blanket, the GoCrib, and B's carseat.  Picture us?? Yeah, we were a hot mess of stuff and toddler.

Then, we wait for a bus. As we are waiting, Bradley notices the planes flying overhead.  I tell him that they are planes and they fly in the sky. "Prains!" "Sky!" he starts to exclaim.

About 10 minutes later and about 100 "prains" later, the bus arrives. We go check our huge suitcase. We decided to check the carseat at the gate to protect it as much as possible and we were taking the hanging up bag, diaper bag, and GoCrib as carry on. So here we are walking through the airport: Jeremy carrying the carseat and GoCrib and me carrying Bradley, the diaper bag, and Bradley's accessories. Thankfully, Megan joined us for the flight out so she had our hanging up bag. Can you picture us?? We were still a hot mess of stuff and toddler.

Now, also picture with me Bradley saying "prains" e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e. he sees one...which is about every 5 seconds. Then, imagine with me my sweet husband asking me how I am doing every 5 feet... literally every 5 feet. They were both so annoying that I really didn't know if either of them was going to make it to our flight.

And then there was me. I was busy praying to Jesus the whole time that our flight was right around the corner because I didn't know if I could walk a step further without passing out. The walk to our terminal alone seemed to take an eternity. And we were in Terminal A... as in the first one!

We finally made it to our terminal, grabbed dinner, and sat at our gate waiting. We flew Delta and so I knew we'd be able to board the flight very first since we had B. I was looking forward to that moment of calmness before everyone else boarded. Mainly because I needed to calm myself before this flight. I was nervous about having complications with my pregnancy because of the altitude and pressure. (I had called the doctor to get cleared for the flight and they told me that it was fine unless I had any issues. To which I thought, who doesn't have issues with their pregnancy??) And also because I just wanted to get the whole thing over with.

Well, Jeremy decided to run him and B to the bathroom before the flight. Not 2 minutes after they left, we were called to board.... 15 minutes later, Jeremy shows up with B. Yup, we were the last ones to board. We get on the flight to discover that the flight is completely full and we are on the VERY last row. As in, no window and right beside the bathroom.

Bradley was completely in awe of everything going on. He wanted to read all the safety brochures, press all the buttons, meet all our neighbors, and absolutely not sit in our lap. We were able to distract him for a little with the iPhone, and then again with a magazine. Then, I went to the restroom allowing him to take my seat which he liked. However, then, he decided to scream out in joy a couple of times as he attempted to tickle us causing the entire flight to turn and look at us with that disgusting look of "Can't you control your child??". I wanted to slap every last one of them and then hand them Bradley and say good luck while I took a nap.

 Unfortunately, in none of this time would he go to sleep. We tried everything. I set him up a little bed. I sang. I read. He was just too fascinated by the "prain."

The flight was only an hour and a half, but it felt like a six hour flight. A six hour flight spent wrestling a bull. I was fully exhausted at the end and so thankfully that it was Jeremy sitting beside me and not some random person. Seriously, can you imagine if I had to do it alone??

Once we arrived in Texas, we had to walk through another airport and then distract Bradley while we waited on our luggage. The luggage decided to take its precious time and arrived to us an hour after we landed.
Luggage in hand, we got to my grandparents' car and proceeded to put the carseat in adding another 30 minutes to the trip. And as we drove to their house, all completely exhausted and tired, Bradley, wide awake, reminded us constantly that we had just rode on a "prain" in the "sky."

July 5, 2012

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich

I can say one thing about my relationship with Jeremy. We have some... er... interesting conversations.

For instance, for some reason, Jeremy insists that blueberry muffins are a dessert and should not be served with a meal. The problem is that one of my favorite meals is baked potatoes and blueberry muffins. As in, the blueberry muffins are the side item. This whole concept baffles him despite what Wikipedia says, "Muffins are often eaten for breakfast; alternatively, they may be served for tea or at other meals." Catch that, sweetheart?? "AT other meals." Still, he'd probably argue that other muffins are okay for a side just not blueberry muffins. There's no convincing him otherwise.

Yes, we just disagree on this subject. And, unfortunately, it is not an agreed upon matter since this conversation is repeated at least four times a year.

Well, the other day, we added another disagreeable matter to the list. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Here's how the conversation went:

Me: You should have seen B eating his PB&J today. He decided that it would be more fun to open it up and spread the inside all over his face and hair instead of eating it. It was hilarious  and a mess to clean up. I think we are going to have to take a break from making him any more.

Jeremy: Which side did he spread all over him?

Me: What do you mean?

Jeremy: Was it the peanut butter side or the jelly side?

Me: What are you talking about??

Jeremy: When you make a PB&J, one side is peanut butter and the other is jelly. So what side did he spread all over his face and head?

Me: That's not how I make a PB&J.

Jeremy: What? That's how everyone makes it. How do you make it?

Me: I put peanut butter on one slice of bread, put jelly on top of the peanut butter and then put the other slice of bread on top of that bread.

Jeremy: What?! That's not how you are supposed to do it. You don't get everything even that way.

Me: I think it is very even and who cares how it is done. It all tastes the same.

Jeremy: Well, you should really do it the other way. It tastes better. Everyone knows that.

Catch that?? My husband also suffers from the "everyone is like me" syndrome which is closely followed by the "I am always right" disease. There's no convincing that man of anything. We went round and round for another 5 or 10 minutes until I was able to distract him with something shiny.

That is until later on that evening when Megan got home. Upon asking her how she makes her PB&Js, we learned that she puts peanut butter and jelly on BOTH slices of bread and then puts it together. You should have seen Jeremy's face. You'd have thought she said that she makes them with bacon or avocados or something else completely bizarre. His theory that his way is the only way was slowly slipping out of his fingers. I tried to explain that I'm sure everyone has their own way, but he insists his way is the best and most popular way.

And so I now come to you: How do you make your PB&J?

July 2, 2012

A compilation of letters

Over the past three months, I have written many a letters. Here are a few.


Dear Jeremy,

You are a saint.

Your grossly sick un-human wife


Dear Bradley,

Could you please quit bringing me all your toys whenever I am stuck in the bathroom?

Your grossly sick and weak mom


Dear Parker,

Why do you insist on throwing up beside me every time I do??

Your grossly sick mom


Dear baby,

You are killing me. Please stop.

Your soon-to-be deceased mom


Dear future Jessica,

If you ever, ever, ever think about having another baby, please go into the bathroom, stick your head in the toilet and stay there for a few hours. Like it? Yeah, neither do I. If that doesn't change your mind, please put on your heaviest sweater on the hottest day of the year and stand outside for a few hours. Still not convinced?? Try not eating for a week and then go run a mile. Yeah, that's what I thought. Two kids is a great number!

Your ugly past


Dear Bella,

Does the drinking blood thing really work??