July 12, 2012

It was a moment

There are things that a Mom looks forward to with her children. Watching their first step. Seeing them learn new words. Waving good bye as they head off to college.

Then, there are things that a Mom knows are coming, but hopes she'll be the rare one that her kids miss that phase or are just so exceptional that it does not effect them. The teething portion of a child's life. The first pee shot across the room. Or what I had the joy of experiencing today.

Bradley has a favorite TV Show. I know he's young. I know I shouldn't let him watch it. But when you are pregnant and having to go to the bathroom every hour and can barely lift your head from weakness, you get desperate for any form of babysitting around. So he has a favorite show- Shawn the Sheep, or what he endearingly calls "Sha Shee". It is the one thing in our entire house that will capture his attention so wonderfully that I do not have to worry about him for a minute. The couch could catch on fire while he is on it and he would have no clue.

Well, this morning, I had to run to the bathroom and wanted to finish getting ready and so I put on Shawn the Sheep and went. About 2 minutes later, Bradley comes running into the bathroom saying, "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh" in a very distressed way. I knew immediately that he had either fallen and had a new boo-boo, found something gross, or was just dirty on his hands. (He hates dirt on his hands for too long.)

I casually ask him what's wrong to quickly discover that there is poo on his hand, around his mouth, and in his mouth. Without hesitation, Bradley runs to the bathroom sink, "uh, uh, uh, uh." I quickly wash off his hands and face and proceed to brush his teeth which for the first time ever he encouraged and didn't fight at all.  Then, I decided to investigate what happened.

I had mistakenly not gotten him fully dressed yet for the day. We are in the process of working on getting laundry done in the next day or so and our clothes options are currently scarce. I was having to grab something from the dryer for him to wear and figured I'd wait until after breakfast and right before we left the house to get him dressed. The least chance of messing up what is probably his last clean outfit, right?? Right.

Bradley has also started sticking his hand down the butt side of his diaper lately. We haven't quite figured out why. He's been involved in some serious teeth making lately so I just figured he itched back there and would ignore it mostly. He poops on a schedule and would usually only do it at a time I knew the diaper was clean. Unfortunately, this morning was a different kind of day.

I guess, he decided to stick his hand down his diaper right after he pooped, didn't realize what he'd done and put his hands in his mouth to gnaw on only to realize that it doesn't taste so good and then came running to me, the mom, to clean up. Yay me!

Don't you just love it when mornings start off so eventful? It really gets the blood flowing.

Happy Thursday!

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