July 23, 2011

Week Recap

This week started out with us switching Bradley over to his big boy convertible car seat.

Then,. Bradley decided that it was now time for him to stand on his own.

He started with the stairs, moved to our coffee table, and now can stand from sitting up. And all this happened in one week.... Jeremy and I are begging the boy to slow down. I don't know if I am ready for a walker.

Bradley also found joy in planking this week.

Personally, I think he's the cutest planker ever. I've also heard that we need to move on to owling and leisure diving; both of which Bradley's just a tad too young to do, although at his learning rate he might surprise me!

Speaking of learning, I taught Bradley a very valuable skill this week. You can see him using such skill below.

Yes, I am a proud mom this week, a scared mom, but a proud mom for sure.

July 20, 2011

A Nightmare.

Welcome to our future living room or what I would like to call my personal hell.

For the past 7 months, Jeremy and I have been searching for the perfect furniture. If you have never searched for furniture with your beloved let me warn you. It is not fun. It is not fun. It is not fun.

I have scoured the internet, stores, and blogs all in search of that one piece that would make my husband happy.

The first problem was the layout of the room. It's narrow and the windows are in weird places and the air vents and cords are all in crazy areas. It's just a silly room to start.

It took me one month and 3 layout plans for Jeremy and I to agree. This does not include the prior year when we would talk about it a lot. Each conversation ending with one of us storming out of the room screaming, "Fine!" (You can probably assume which one of us that was.)

Then, we had very different styles. I would find something I liked and Jeremy would shoot it down as passively aggressive as possible. Then, he'd find something he loved and I would shoot it down as aggressively as possible. Great pair, huh? Seriously made me want to scream.

I'm all about how it looks and Jeremy is all about comfort. So while I can look in catalogs and online, Jeremy must sit in each one. This my friends means that we are having to go to many, many stores which has taken us sooo long. It seriously has been a nightmare.

And then out of the blue I found a couch that was perfect for both of us. We quickly laid down blue tape to match the measurements of the couch and what would you know.... it was too large! I think I might have actually sat within that blue square and cried.

Nowhere in our crazy sized living room would that couch fit. It was over; I had to say good-bye.

Then, I found another couch that made Jeremy smile... I was on a roll. And this one fit!!

That night we ordered about a million swatches to go through. Three days later the swatches arrived. That same day the couch stopped being produced. I kid you not. I called and talked to 3 different sales associates. The couch is no longer available. As in we are back at square one. As in I might die before this living room is complete.

It's horrific. My tombstone is bound to read: All she wanted was a couch; all she got was blue tape.


July 15, 2011

Week Recap

1. I made Jeremy's lunch every night this week for the next day. This highly goes against the feminist within. I have since decided to shave my head and burn my bra. I have also told Jeremy that lapse in judgements such as these may cause me to be forced into early retirement.

2. Our house is spotless. See above.

3. I have made tons of baby food this week. Bradley is enjoying fresh apples, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, squash, bananas. and peaches. The peaches are seriously good.

After the bake.

Ready for puree.

Finished and yummy!

4. Bradley now gets an afternoon snack in his mesh pack. He seriously goes "Mmmmm" the entire time.

 5. Parker has spent approximately 8 hours in his crate each day. Mind you this has been his choice. I have neither told him to get in it nor have I shut the door to the crate. He willingly has put himself inside of it. We think it might have something to do with Bradley's constant yelling at him.

6. We've had to keep Bradley off his head this week due to a recent encounter with carpet. It has been interesting to say the least. We've had to get pretty creative especially since Bradley seriously cannot sit still for any amount of time.

 7.The heat is killing my workout routine. Apparently, the weather could care less that I have a 5K in just over a month that I really need to survive.

8.We are waiting on swatches for to pick out fabric for our living room furniture. Yes, this means that Jeremy and I have actually agreed on something. It's a miracle.

9. We got in the first DVD of Psych Season 5 via Netflix. This show is ah-mazing.

10. I got this text from Megan earlier this week.

Yes. Looks like my weekend is planned. What about you? Any fun plans this weekend? Feathers in your head as well perhaps??

July 13, 2011

The General

A few months back, Jeremy came home and we had a conversation:

J: I'm getting an award at work.

Me: An award?? What for??

J: For all the work I've done for VPP... you know, all that safety stuff on the base they are pushing.

Me: You're getting a safety award?? Were you extra safe this month??

J: (rolls eyes) Something like that.

Me: I'm so proud! Is there a ceremony.

J: I think so.

Me: Well, can Bradley and I come??

J: I don't know. It's just a small thing.

Me: But we are so proud that you were super safe and helped others be super safe. Do you think you'll get a pocket protector as an award?

J: (rolls eyes again) No... but let me look into it. You don't have to come.

Me: Will the General be there??

J: He might.

Me: Then, we HAVE to go. I want Bradley to meet the General.

J: (rolls eyes) Ok.

Sure enough, we could go and go we went. Jeremy tried so hard to downplay it. He tried to talk us out of it. But we were too proud NOT to go. Plus, all I could think of was the General and how we might meet him. It was a big deal all around.

The ceremony was actually a way bigger deal than Jeremy let on. TONS of people were there to support their co-workers and many awards were given out. Some departments had prepared cheers for those awarded from their wing; some brought air horns; and the General was definitely there.

Afterwards, he came up to Bradley and I and personally thanked us for being in attendance and then asked if he could have his picture with us. Umm.... Yes, sir! (I might have saluted him. It's really all a blur. I was so excited!)

Well, last week the pictures came in!!

Sorry the picture is blurry. it's a picture of the actual picture. Don't ask. I don't want to tell.

It was really an exciting day. And if you can see, Bradley wore his "wing-man" shirt in honor of safety and the Air Force!

July 12, 2011

Locked out

The time has come.

Bradley can now move into every room of our house and has thus located our stairs. Before long he will discover the cabinets and drawers and the joys of opening and slamming them shut.

So this past weekend, we baby proofed. We put those lock thingies on all our drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, put up a baby gate at the top of our stairs, and sat back in relief.

But you see, Jeremy and I now can't get into anything either. Anytime a drawer or cabinet is opened in our house a quick, "UGH!" plus or minus a few other choice words follows. We can't seem to remember that there's now a secret handshake and money transfer that must happen before we can grab a fork or a kitchen towel. Yesterday, I even flinched when I opened the fridge thinking that all of a sudden it was going to snap shut on me.

 Then you have the stairs and it's own guard. Already I have tripped over the stupid thing more than once and discovered that carrying Parker and Bradley is now out of the question. I have also learned that it is wise to say a quick prayer before reaching that horrible gate.

This whole baby proofing thing has me in a frenzy. I am a nervous wreck. I'm scared of the kitchen, scared to come down the stairs, and scared that Bradley is going to outsmart me and his dad by figuring out how to use all these things before we do! It's a nightmare! I mean, the makers of all these things do not play. 

So if you don't hear from me soon, just know that one of these contraptions has kidnapped me and send help! I'll be the one shaking and crying in a corner somewhere.

July 11, 2011

Happy 7 Months!

Bradley is 7 months old.... as in 5 months from now, he will be ONE... as in I need a moment.


Ok. Thank you for being patient. I just can't believe how fast time seems to be moving.

Bradley is so much fun and he definitely knows how to keep one b.u.s.y.

At last height/weigh in, he was in the 28 inches long and 14.14 oz. Tall and lean. And this makes him like me....not his daddy... so there.

Bradley's eating lots and lots. He loves bananas more than anything, although prune/apple juice are a pretty close second. Peas are his least favorite. I have to sneak those in.

He is also moving all over our house. I can't leave him alone at all. He moves on his head, on his stomach, scoots a little on all fours... it's crazy how fast he can get from point a to point b. He is also trying to stand, but thankfully hasn't figured out how to balance himself and grab a hold of something to pull himself up yet.

I love how now I can see his personality coming out more than ever. He is a determined little kid. If he sees something he wants, he will work super hard until he gets it and there is no distracting him or changing his mind.

He can sit up too, although, he doesn't understand nor enjoy the idea of "being still" for any amount of time.

Parker is his favorite play buddy. Whenever he's near, Bradley will call to him and immediately move towards him.. usually while yelling. It's really funny how happy Parker makes Bradley.

Bradley really loves to talk. We'll sit on the couch or at his play area and he'll just start telling me all kinds of things. Makes me wish I knew what goes on in his head. He can say gagaga, bababa, yayaya and dadada along with other random sounds. We are working on the "m" and "p" sound.

He recently learned how to smack his lips, purr, grunt and gargle. Hilarious.

 We go running together lots of mornings and he really loves it. I think the outdoors are going to be our best friend as he gets older. It calms him and keeps him occupied. Cause that child of mine gets bored so easily.

Yes, he's growing super fast.

July 7, 2011

Four years and counting

I love my husband. I love how smart he is. I love that he works hard. I love that he is just as competitive, if not more, than me. I love his servant-like heart. I love that we can fight knowing that we'll make up quickly. I love how he makes me laugh. I love his laugh. I love watching him become an amazing dad. I love watching Bradley's love grow for him. And I love that at any moment a dance party can commence in our living room.

So in honor of our fours years, Jeremy....

Happy four years, Jeremy! I am so thankful God gave us to each other and that our love does grow stronger with each passing day.

For example, my love grew stronger because you took the day off to take me to brunch ;-)

It really did make this day perfect.

Thank you.

I love you with all my heart.

Now, on a completely different note, I swear my dad had the lead singers hairstyle growing up. I am also kinda sure he had a very similar suit... I just hope he didn't dance like the bassist. Although, that wouldn't really surprise me either.

July 5, 2011

A Conversation with Bradley

" Hey Bradley. What are you doing?"

 "Hanging on the couch with you. But only because it means I don't have to go to bed yet."

"But you'll have to go soon. You need sleep so that you can grow big and strong."

"You're silly, Mom. I'm already big and strong!"

"But you can be even bigger and stronger. Like your daddy."

"Daddy is way big and strong. He's goofy too."

"He is goofy. I like it."

"Yeah. Me too. I also like sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, bananas, oatmeal, squash...."

"Woah. You like a lot."

"Yeah. I do like a lot. It's all new."

"Yeah. I think if it were all new to me, I'd like it all too."


"Yes, Bradley?"

"I think I am getting tired."

"You look like it."

"Am I that obvious??"

"Yeah. You are. But that's a good thing. It makes my job easier."

"Your job??"

"Yeah. Taking care of you, silly boy!"

"Oh! I guess that's an important job."

"It is and a fun one."

"Can I go to bed now?"

"Yes, Bradley. So that you'll grow big and strong."

"Like Daddy."

July 1, 2011

Vacation in Orlando Disney Style

While in Orlando, we decided to visit Downtown Disney.

I had never been and was so excited for Bradley to experience just a little of Disney. You see, as a kid, all I watched was Disney movies. I can quote much of all the classics and can definitely perform all the songs. Just ask the couple of hundreds of tourist that walked by me as I did so in Downtown Disney.


Lego Land, Rainforest Cafe, Disney shops... It was so much fun! Plus, Bradley rode a carousel for the very first time.

And just for laughs... check out that face!

And Rebekah's comment this day, "No wonder y'all go to bed early. Having a baby is tiring."