July 12, 2011

Locked out

The time has come.

Bradley can now move into every room of our house and has thus located our stairs. Before long he will discover the cabinets and drawers and the joys of opening and slamming them shut.

So this past weekend, we baby proofed. We put those lock thingies on all our drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, put up a baby gate at the top of our stairs, and sat back in relief.

But you see, Jeremy and I now can't get into anything either. Anytime a drawer or cabinet is opened in our house a quick, "UGH!" plus or minus a few other choice words follows. We can't seem to remember that there's now a secret handshake and money transfer that must happen before we can grab a fork or a kitchen towel. Yesterday, I even flinched when I opened the fridge thinking that all of a sudden it was going to snap shut on me.

 Then you have the stairs and it's own guard. Already I have tripped over the stupid thing more than once and discovered that carrying Parker and Bradley is now out of the question. I have also learned that it is wise to say a quick prayer before reaching that horrible gate.

This whole baby proofing thing has me in a frenzy. I am a nervous wreck. I'm scared of the kitchen, scared to come down the stairs, and scared that Bradley is going to outsmart me and his dad by figuring out how to use all these things before we do! It's a nightmare! I mean, the makers of all these things do not play. 

So if you don't hear from me soon, just know that one of these contraptions has kidnapped me and send help! I'll be the one shaking and crying in a corner somewhere.

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Jamie said...

We're going to have to invest in some of the same items in the next few weeks! Not looking forward to being locked out of my own kitchen cabinets! Just one more bit of proof that we're not longer in control of our own homes, huh? =)