July 11, 2011

Happy 7 Months!

Bradley is 7 months old.... as in 5 months from now, he will be ONE... as in I need a moment.


Ok. Thank you for being patient. I just can't believe how fast time seems to be moving.

Bradley is so much fun and he definitely knows how to keep one b.u.s.y.

At last height/weigh in, he was in the 28 inches long and 14.14 oz. Tall and lean. And this makes him like me....not his daddy... so there.

Bradley's eating lots and lots. He loves bananas more than anything, although prune/apple juice are a pretty close second. Peas are his least favorite. I have to sneak those in.

He is also moving all over our house. I can't leave him alone at all. He moves on his head, on his stomach, scoots a little on all fours... it's crazy how fast he can get from point a to point b. He is also trying to stand, but thankfully hasn't figured out how to balance himself and grab a hold of something to pull himself up yet.

I love how now I can see his personality coming out more than ever. He is a determined little kid. If he sees something he wants, he will work super hard until he gets it and there is no distracting him or changing his mind.

He can sit up too, although, he doesn't understand nor enjoy the idea of "being still" for any amount of time.

Parker is his favorite play buddy. Whenever he's near, Bradley will call to him and immediately move towards him.. usually while yelling. It's really funny how happy Parker makes Bradley.

Bradley really loves to talk. We'll sit on the couch or at his play area and he'll just start telling me all kinds of things. Makes me wish I knew what goes on in his head. He can say gagaga, bababa, yayaya and dadada along with other random sounds. We are working on the "m" and "p" sound.

He recently learned how to smack his lips, purr, grunt and gargle. Hilarious.

 We go running together lots of mornings and he really loves it. I think the outdoors are going to be our best friend as he gets older. It calms him and keeps him occupied. Cause that child of mine gets bored so easily.

Yes, he's growing super fast.

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