September 5, 2012

Randoms on a Wednesday

As I was getting on here to blog, I noticed the following draft post. I believe it was written in February right before our world began to crumble under Madelyn's entrance and a million other things.

My child is a pre-teen girl

I promise you my cute little boy is slowly turning into a 13 year old girl. His emotions are heightened, he can cry instantaneously, and things are either extremely good or extremely bad. Plus, when he wants something, he wants it 10 seconds ago.

And I thought little boys were supposed to be easy.

It really all started when Bradley learned the word no and its negative connotations. At that point, not only did the meaning of "no" come to light, but also the fact that if mommy and daddy use the word "no", we are upset with his behavior. This would then begin the moment in time that I would like to call "the end." During "the end", Bradley gets his pouty face on while conjuring up as many tears as his little eyes will make and crawl toward us to then cling to us with every ounce of his little 24lb body.

The same reaction happens when his food is not served promptly at 5:30 p.m., I leave the room for more than 2 seconds, and basically anytime he doesn't get what he wants.

Ha! I wish I had finished it! That period was about 4 months long right during the same 4 months that I didn't leave my bed. To say, "it.was.rough" is slightly an understatement. I am so thankful that with the developing language skills has come the ability to cope better. Bradley definitely still has his moments, but we are able to work much better together to get through them.

I can also say that since that draft post in February my son has gained 4 lbs. I had to take him to the doctor today and he only weighs 28 lbs. You should also know that he is just under 3 feet tall. So basically he will meet all height requirements to ride all the fun rides this Fall at the fair, but will end up flying off said rides if we let him. And, again, this makes him tall and lean like ME... NOT Jeremy... ;-)

Now, on to the randoms on a Wednesday!

Yesterday, Jeremy told me that I am super emotional right now. It took me about three seconds to decide not to switch emotions on him and make him sleep on the couch. I think he really should think before he speaks.

I came up with a funny last week. If you follow me on twitter, you've heard it, sorry. I was super proud of myself. 
#Ironyoftheday For Jeremy's 30th birthday, he wants a hand gun. For mine, I want to make sure he's shooting blanks. #itsgoodtobe30
Good, huh??

Jeremy's birthday is in a month. I have no idea what I am going to do for it.

This morning, I had to sit Bradley and Parker down and talk to them about sharing and playing together. I have this conversation with them about once a week. The cause this morning was a 2 liter coke bottle that I gave Parker to play with. B insisted it was his or trash, not Parker's. Parker knew it was for him and decided to fight for it. Bradley decided to beat Parker with his teddy bear. And, yes, I really do think that Madelyn will be making child number 3, not 2.

I ordered a crib yesterday. I have no idea how I'm decorating the nursery, but I have a crib on its way. This makes me feel like Madelyn can come on whenever she likes. It's amazing how things change with baby #2.

Speaking of which, I have a real life fear that I am going to have a home birth this time around. Jeremy will be at work. I'll be home with Bradley all by myself... and out will come Madelyn. It's moments like this that I am glad we live 5 minutes from the hospital and a block away from the nearest fire station. Oh, and that I've done the whole birthing a child thing before.

Jeremy and I have started to watch Burn Notice on Netflix. We figure it's the urban version of Survivor. You never know when you'll need to break into a building or blow up a car in this town. We need to be prepared.
And so there you have it. Randoms on a Wednesday!