July 13, 2011

The General

A few months back, Jeremy came home and we had a conversation:

J: I'm getting an award at work.

Me: An award?? What for??

J: For all the work I've done for VPP... you know, all that safety stuff on the base they are pushing.

Me: You're getting a safety award?? Were you extra safe this month??

J: (rolls eyes) Something like that.

Me: I'm so proud! Is there a ceremony.

J: I think so.

Me: Well, can Bradley and I come??

J: I don't know. It's just a small thing.

Me: But we are so proud that you were super safe and helped others be super safe. Do you think you'll get a pocket protector as an award?

J: (rolls eyes again) No... but let me look into it. You don't have to come.

Me: Will the General be there??

J: He might.

Me: Then, we HAVE to go. I want Bradley to meet the General.

J: (rolls eyes) Ok.

Sure enough, we could go and go we went. Jeremy tried so hard to downplay it. He tried to talk us out of it. But we were too proud NOT to go. Plus, all I could think of was the General and how we might meet him. It was a big deal all around.

The ceremony was actually a way bigger deal than Jeremy let on. TONS of people were there to support their co-workers and many awards were given out. Some departments had prepared cheers for those awarded from their wing; some brought air horns; and the General was definitely there.

Afterwards, he came up to Bradley and I and personally thanked us for being in attendance and then asked if he could have his picture with us. Umm.... Yes, sir! (I might have saluted him. It's really all a blur. I was so excited!)

Well, last week the pictures came in!!

Sorry the picture is blurry. it's a picture of the actual picture. Don't ask. I don't want to tell.

It was really an exciting day. And if you can see, Bradley wore his "wing-man" shirt in honor of safety and the Air Force!

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