July 15, 2011

Week Recap

1. I made Jeremy's lunch every night this week for the next day. This highly goes against the feminist within. I have since decided to shave my head and burn my bra. I have also told Jeremy that lapse in judgements such as these may cause me to be forced into early retirement.

2. Our house is spotless. See above.

3. I have made tons of baby food this week. Bradley is enjoying fresh apples, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, squash, bananas. and peaches. The peaches are seriously good.

After the bake.

Ready for puree.

Finished and yummy!

4. Bradley now gets an afternoon snack in his mesh pack. He seriously goes "Mmmmm" the entire time.

 5. Parker has spent approximately 8 hours in his crate each day. Mind you this has been his choice. I have neither told him to get in it nor have I shut the door to the crate. He willingly has put himself inside of it. We think it might have something to do with Bradley's constant yelling at him.

6. We've had to keep Bradley off his head this week due to a recent encounter with carpet. It has been interesting to say the least. We've had to get pretty creative especially since Bradley seriously cannot sit still for any amount of time.

 7.The heat is killing my workout routine. Apparently, the weather could care less that I have a 5K in just over a month that I really need to survive.

8.We are waiting on swatches for to pick out fabric for our living room furniture. Yes, this means that Jeremy and I have actually agreed on something. It's a miracle.

9. We got in the first DVD of Psych Season 5 via Netflix. This show is ah-mazing.

10. I got this text from Megan earlier this week.

Yes. Looks like my weekend is planned. What about you? Any fun plans this weekend? Feathers in your head as well perhaps??

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