July 20, 2011

A Nightmare.

Welcome to our future living room or what I would like to call my personal hell.

For the past 7 months, Jeremy and I have been searching for the perfect furniture. If you have never searched for furniture with your beloved let me warn you. It is not fun. It is not fun. It is not fun.

I have scoured the internet, stores, and blogs all in search of that one piece that would make my husband happy.

The first problem was the layout of the room. It's narrow and the windows are in weird places and the air vents and cords are all in crazy areas. It's just a silly room to start.

It took me one month and 3 layout plans for Jeremy and I to agree. This does not include the prior year when we would talk about it a lot. Each conversation ending with one of us storming out of the room screaming, "Fine!" (You can probably assume which one of us that was.)

Then, we had very different styles. I would find something I liked and Jeremy would shoot it down as passively aggressive as possible. Then, he'd find something he loved and I would shoot it down as aggressively as possible. Great pair, huh? Seriously made me want to scream.

I'm all about how it looks and Jeremy is all about comfort. So while I can look in catalogs and online, Jeremy must sit in each one. This my friends means that we are having to go to many, many stores which has taken us sooo long. It seriously has been a nightmare.

And then out of the blue I found a couch that was perfect for both of us. We quickly laid down blue tape to match the measurements of the couch and what would you know.... it was too large! I think I might have actually sat within that blue square and cried.

Nowhere in our crazy sized living room would that couch fit. It was over; I had to say good-bye.

Then, I found another couch that made Jeremy smile... I was on a roll. And this one fit!!

That night we ordered about a million swatches to go through. Three days later the swatches arrived. That same day the couch stopped being produced. I kid you not. I called and talked to 3 different sales associates. The couch is no longer available. As in we are back at square one. As in I might die before this living room is complete.

It's horrific. My tombstone is bound to read: All she wanted was a couch; all she got was blue tape.


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