July 23, 2011

Week Recap

This week started out with us switching Bradley over to his big boy convertible car seat.

Then,. Bradley decided that it was now time for him to stand on his own.

He started with the stairs, moved to our coffee table, and now can stand from sitting up. And all this happened in one week.... Jeremy and I are begging the boy to slow down. I don't know if I am ready for a walker.

Bradley also found joy in planking this week.

Personally, I think he's the cutest planker ever. I've also heard that we need to move on to owling and leisure diving; both of which Bradley's just a tad too young to do, although at his learning rate he might surprise me!

Speaking of learning, I taught Bradley a very valuable skill this week. You can see him using such skill below.

Yes, I am a proud mom this week, a scared mom, but a proud mom for sure.

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