August 3, 2011

Don't mess with us

This past week Jeremy and I had to take a stand to protect our home. You see, a pregnant squirrel thought we'd be sympathetic to her needs, you know, since we have a baby and all, and allow her to set up home in our attic for her babies.

Unfortunately for her, she was mistaken.

Jeremy talked to a few guys who recommended he use moth balls to ensure she'd leave. Have you ever been around moth balls?? Let's just say it isn't pleasant. The minute Jeremy opened the bag the house immediately began to fill with that horrible smell. So upon my complaining and begging, Jeremy took them outside and began to think and continued to ask around. Again, everyone said that moth balls were the way to go.

In the meantime, the pregnant squirrel was determined to use our house. She ate through a wood board near our roof. The board wasn't rotten and was recently replaced. She was not deterred. For some reason, our house was perfect.

At first she only worked on her nest in the early evening, but then she decided that wasn't enough time and decided to work on it during the day when I was alone with Bradley. This was not cool with me.

And let's just be honest for a minute. I was freaked. She was persistently clawing at our walls in particular the wall that led to my son's room. If she thought she was territorial, she had another thing coming. This was my home and my baby she was bothering. It was on. Donkey Kong style.

So after much complaining and persisting, Jeremy agreed to come home and deal with the issue at hand.

Since everyone recommended moth balls, he decided to throw some in the hole and seal it up. The process took a couple hours. And we are so thankful for a friend's help in all this.

Problem solved, right?

Nope. Not at al.

In case you were wondering, moth balls were created by the devil. Within 30 minutes, the smell filled Bradley's room and started creeping down our stairs. And, apparently, this smell meant that dangerous fumes also entered our home. Fumes that are clearly warned about on the box. 

So now I'm not only mad at the squirrel, but I am also mad at moth balls. And worried that my son is going to die from these stupid things invented for the sole purpose of stinking up homes.

Poor Jeremy then had to go back up to the roof, undo part of the board, pull out the moth balls, and reattach the board. Mind you, all this happened as I was trying to hold his ladder for him and run interference with our screaming child who thought we were abandoning him to play outside. It was an horrifically long day.

Thankfully, the moth balls were removed, we were able to air out the smell, and we moved on.

That is until the next day when the stupid pregnant squirrel decided to enter our house another way.

This time, however, Jeremy and I had enough. He sealed up her second entry point and then took care of her personally.

Yes, that's right. We are a force not to be reckoned with.


You should be.

That is, of course, if you are a squirrel trying to enter our home.

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