August 4, 2011

A few of my favorite things

One thing I've thoroughly enjoyed from other bloggers is seeing the products they love, especially from the moms. I've gotten many products just from their recommendation so I thought I'd pass along the products that I couldn't live without right now.

1. Dwinguler Eco-Friendly playmat

I love, love, love this playmat. It's soft, flexible, waterproof, slip resistant, super easy to clean, and "green". I can leave Bradley on this mat and not have to worry about him falling and hurting himself which has been key lately since all he wants to do is stand. It also is so soft that it protects his boney knees as he crawls on it. Plus, he loves the bright colors and pictures. Parker thinks it's really comfortable too.

2. Shark Steam Mop

This product is awesome. We have all hard wood floors in our house and so sanitizing/keeping them clean with a little baby was a must especially as he got more mobile. This product does just that! I plug it in, let the steam get working, and then I get working on the floors. It's quick, easy, and does it's job well. I probably use it about every other time I vacuum and honestly have no complaints.

3. Go Crib

This travel crib is awesome. We love it. It's easy to pack up, light weight, outdoor friendly, and will grow with Bradley. Already he can crawl in and out of it through the side door. How much fun is this going to be when he gets older and we can use it as a fort???

4. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy

This is Bradley's favorite toy right now.  It talks to him, sings to him, and teaches him. Bradley talks back, sings back, and laughs. It's really fun to watch him interact with this toy and I think Jeremy and I have just as much fun with it as he does.

5. Munchkin Fresh Food Freezer Cups

These cups are great for anyone making their own baby food. They hold 2 oz. of fresh made baby food and can be frozen, microwaved, and washed in the dishwasher. They are made of silicone so you can pop out the frozen food easily if needed. Plus they are easy to toss into a diaper bag if eating out. I really couldn't live without these.

6. Instagram

This app is my favorite. It's an easy way to take, edit and share beautiful shots. I'm addicted it. I especially love following other people and getting a glimpse into their life and seeing their wonderful photos.

So those are a few of my favorite things right now. What are some of yours? I'd love to hear!


Ashley Family said...

thanks for keeping me current with baby life! i've gotta get some of those baby food cups! do you get them online?

Jessica said...

I got them at Target! They are hard to find in stock, though. You can order them at amazon too (free shipping if you sign up for Amazon Prime). Click the name and it should direct you to where to purchase at amazon.

The Almeidas said...

I definitely cannot live without my Remington Fuzz-Away fabric shaver! You know when your sweaters and shirts get all "pilly" with little balls because you've worn them out? Use this and they are like new! Love love love this little guy! I ordered mine on Amazon after scouring every store in ATL with no luck. Tried a smaller "travel size" from Target and it was awful, turning all the shaved fuzz into a powder and depositing it onto the face of the little machine. Enough said... get this one! :)