August 5, 2011

A living room update

Dear internet friends,

Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to rant and rave about our living room. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you how horrible it has been picking out a layout, furniture, and design with my husband. Seriously. Because of you, my sweet, loving, wonderful husband has backed off. He has agreed that I can take more of a lead. He has given me freedom... within our budget. And I seriously have you to thank.

And just so you know. Within 10 minutes of Jeremy handing over the control, I ordered two couches, two chairs, a tv stand, and bookmarked a side table that will be ordered a little later. Yes, internet friends, we have made progress. (Plus, I was a little nervous he'd change is mind.) Unfortunately, almost everything I ordered is on backorder so you might have to wait until Christmas to see it finished. But it is ordered!!

We did get in our two chairs. They look so great and are super comfortable!

So seriously I cannot thank you enough.

PS Do you see how happy Jeremy looks?? Apparently, he likes my style. Who woulda thought??

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