February 18, 2011

Happy Two Months

To some these two months have just flown by. To others, like myself, it feels like it's been six. It's really hard to believe Bradley is just two months old.

He is so alert and now is awake much of the day, sleeping only about 45 minutes in-between feedings.

To the doctor's, he's sleeping through the night. To me, we need about three more hours each night, but are happy with the five.

Bradley is holding his head up all on his own, trying to roll over (He actually did it once by accident and immediately screamed out for someone to save him. I think that the trauma of that one time took away all interest in rolling over again.), and coos all the time.

He loves to kick and smile, is really enjoying story time, and is just growing so fast! (He's in the 97% for height!)

Below are some pictures from this past month. And just so you know I'm kinda obsessed with outfits on my son. If I happen to put him in a particularly cute outfit, I immediately grab my camera and take a picture before he has a chance to spit up or poop on it.

And as an added bonus The Pout that will probably get Bradley anything he ever wants...

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Jennifer said...

So...I can't stop watching that sweet video of Bradley! I watch it and laugh out loud then say to myself, "Aww so sweet...". Then I hit replay...I think I need to come see you guys :)