February 17, 2011

When Poop Flies

Wednesday nights are late nights in our household.

And by late I mean past 8 p.m. which is when you will normally find me in my bed.

And yes, I go to bed before prime time TV and around the same time as many people below the age of 10 or over the age of 60. Out of necessity, people, out of necessity! 

Well, on Wednesdays Jeremy and I are part of a bible study that starts at 8 p.m. aka at my bedtime.

It gets out around 10 p.m. when my brain is officially mush.

Normally, I then immediately fall into my bed.

Well, last night, it was a little later. And because of an off schedule Bradley wanted to eat right afterward.

Which means we didn't get done for the day until 11 p.m.

Thankfully, I have an awesome husband who knows my need for sleep to be happy which leads to a happy home and so he took on diaper duty. And I quickly crawled into bed.

Except the minute my head hit the pillow I heard a loud bang, yelling, and more yelling.

I immediately think that something horrible has happened to my little man. So I jump out of bed, run up the stairs, and immediately find Jeremy on one side of the room, our son on the changing table, and poo everywhere.

Poor Jeremy is at a standstill. He can't think. He's mad. (Because how dare our son poop without a diaper on... or why do we change it after an eating anyways... or why won't he just stop??? Yes, Bradley continued to poop.

I laugh. Assess the situation and somehow go into action. (It's amazing what mommy genes will allow you to accomplish.)

I quickly talk Jeremy through his shock and back into the world.

And we go into action.

Bradley is moved off the changing table where he has been moving all in his own... you know.. and onto a pad on the floor. I run and start a bath. Jeremy attempts to clean the little man up a little. We give a record 4 minute bath. We get him dried, lotion, and changed; then Bradley goes into the bed and we move on to clean up the mess.

A little after midnight, Jeremy and I are able to put ourselves to bed... fully exhausted.

Ah, parenthood!

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The Almeidas said...

Don't they always say that photos are what makes a good post "great"?? Just sayin'.