February 12, 2011

Video of the Week: My God is so Great

I am so super excited. For my birthday, Jeremy got me a Flip camera. It's awesome. He's awesome. And our videos are awesome. And because of this new purchase I decided to add a segment to the blog called "Video of the Week." Because really who doesn't love a video? Especially one like this week's.

Each day, Bradley and I sing this song in an effort to get him to recognize that he has arms, they move, and he can make it happen. So far no luck, but we just know that it will happen any day now. I mean, he is a genius child.


Jennifer said...

I just love this! I love the cooing he did on the second verse ;) I can't wait to come see you all again-I've got me some Bradley sugar to steal!!!!

Anonymous said...

Soooo cute! Thanks for sharing. And good job, Mrs. Decorator/Mom/Super-Wife :)
~Katie GoJo (Geoghagan Joffe :)

The Almeidas said...

So great... and a great song choice as well! Miss your accent and, well, your self. :) Kisses for you and Bradley!