February 3, 2011

Planning for the Birthday

My best friend is awesome.

Her birthday is in November.

Last year, she decided to plan her birthday around all the free things she could get for making it one more year on this earth.

Her secret was a website.

A website she so kindly gave me.

A website that I am now using to plan my birthday!

It lists all restaurants and services that one can get for FREE on their birthday. It's seriously exciting stuff.

So what is this website? Sorry, I haven't decided if I want you to have our secret. It might just be a bestie thing. You know, to further our bond. I think we'll start a club with a secret handshake too. You might have to try to figure out the handshake.

Speaking of which- Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer accidentally convinces a gang that he's one of them?? It's hilarious. Maybe you will be so lucky.

Or maybe you will be George.

He got beat up.

A Seinfeld reference can apply to any situation in life.

I think a 24 reference can be applied almost as much too.

We are now on Season 6.

The music has gotten really awesome. It's now danceable.

Jeremy and I like to dance to random music on television.

And, yes, we are cool.

But I'm rambling. What were we talking about?

My birthday!

Yes. And the website.

It's really awesome. Here is what my birthday looks like.

Free 1 dozen Krspey Kreme donuts
Free coffee Dunkin Donuts

Free sub at Firehouse Subs
Free blizzard at Dairy Queen

Free Moe's

How exciting that restaurants take joy in your birth??

I signed up Bradley for even more birthday goodies.

His first birthday will be quite the festivity.

I've already started planning it. So mark your calendars.

Oh. And I'm feeling really nice today. The website is **HERE**.

I hope your birthday is filled with as much fun and freebies as mine!

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