November 24, 2009

Ah, to be a dog

 Last week you met my Mom, but now it is time for you to meet my precious little baby boy, Parker.

He's a 9 lb. Maltese with a ton of personality and a few funny quirks. For instance, Parker hates holding his own head up. If his head can be propped up on something, he'll take full advantage. It's hilarious. I can literally hold out my hand in front of his face and he'll look at me thankfully and rest his head on it. Don't believe me??

It started when we first adopted him. He leaned right against me.

But then realized his toy was perfect as a pillow!

See his head at the perfect level? He likes to use our legs as props too.

Parker couldn't reach the top of his shoulder so he just leaned.

Jumping onto the dining room table chairs and resting his head is almost a nightly norm, especially when we are eating at the table. It's so much easier to beg when your head is comfortable. Plus he knows it's all in the eyes.

BTW- Want to get our sweet Parker on a Hallmark Card??

Click the link below and VOTE! We need to get over 4,000 votes to win. You can vote daily on multiple computers. And please pass the word!! This is his second competition this year. He told me if he loses another one I'm not allowed to enter him in anymore. He must win!

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