February 9, 2012

The day I went Antiquing

A couple of weeks ago, Megan and I got the brilliant idea to go out in a monsoon to look for antiques.

I've always liked the idea of an antique. It sounds unique and seems to hold a lot of history. But in reality, it really freaks me out. Old things smell funny and I really have this unnatural fear that whoever owned the item died inside of it and still lives there. So basically, all I want an replica of an antique.

But somehow Megan convinced me that I needed to go check out this antique shop. And so we went.

Now, when you enter a building that smells like old and water is literally dripping down the walls, you should turn around and go home to pray. Megan kept saying, "I think this might be the intro to a scary movie." I think she was right. If you would like to produce such a film, please let us know. We've lived to tell the story as shown below. Please take all warnings seriously.

When you see an entrance that looks like this, you should also run home.

When you are possessed by the demons that roam the antique shop you are visiting and enter through the scary cement hole to find this, you should run.

Seriously, an antique knife sharpener next to dangling wires should be a warning. If for some reason you continue to look, this should make you scream while running.

For they have come before and lost the battle with the spirits.

And when you do run outside to this, breathe in the fresh air and know that if you can survive the antique shop, you can survive a flood.

The End.


dnjones1121 said...

We've been there!! That room with the cut out door scarred me because Clay is a "Bull in a China Shop." We LOVE antiquing! Your mind might change if you experienced the Cobb Antique Mall here. Let's just say it's so big, that when Clay and I went the first time, it took us almost 3 hours just to make it through half the store! Let's also say we take our time and look at every little hidden opportunity :) Also, TIP: if you buy antique furniture that has that "old" smell, wipe down with a combination of water and lavender oil (natural anti-bacterial), set outside to air out in sun and then hide a container of ground coffee inside... worked for me!

Katherine said...

Hey Jessica, I was texting you this, but then it got too long, so here you go...There's a girl that I went to HS with that you've always reminded me of..so much so that I wish y'all could meet. Anyway, thought you might want to check out her blog. She's an excellent writer, actually working on a novel. So, if you like to blog stalk, her blog is therestarterhome.com.