February 15, 2012

Update in 15

I realized the other day that I have not given you an update on Bradley in a while. So here's the latest:

1. B is extremely helpful. He'll hold his seat belt buckle for me while I get the straps around his arms. He grabs his own towel, washcloth, shampoo, and body soap for bath. (It is so cute! I'd get a video, but he's usually nakey while doing it.) He pushes in the chairs at the dining room table after meals. He cleans up all the balls from his ball pit when he is done. He really likes to help when he knows how. Typical oldest/only child he is indeed.

2. When B wants to go outside, he'll either bring me his shoes or ring the bell like Parker.

 3. Bradley is very independent and tries to be like me and Jeremy. If we have a utensil in our hand, he must have one in his. If I am eating a grilled cheese, he must have MY grilled cheese even if he has his own.

4. He loves, loves, loves to be chased. He'll run to Parker, go "yayayayayyaya" really loud, and then run away. If you want to hear pure joy, you should hear him and Parker playing. (Hint: video coming next week!)

5. He and Parker share a lot of things. Parker's bed. Parker's toys. Bradley's snacks.

6. Bradley says "here you go" if he is giving you something or wants something. It's really cute and means that I obviously say that to him a million times a day... which has now been made perfectly clear to me. (Missed the video? Click here to see it!)

7. He gives lots of kisses and hugs, own his own, and on demand.

8. When asked, he can point to his belly button. He will also point at yours when asked.

 9. He loves his blanket.

10. He has a couple tiny tantrums a day. These usually happen when he's tired and because he's frustrated that we aren't giving him what he wants or not understanding him. His tantrums are him flinging his body on the ground and rolling onto his back while squinting to make it look like he is crying. The nursery worker this past week was like, "so that's what that is. Good to know." Yup. He's still working through the nursery too.

11. He moved up to the Toddler room at church. So far he sits in the workers arms while "watching all the other kids play" which is basically everyone else bringing him/the worker toys and trying to play with him/them. I'm thinking he's figured out that he's got it good and is messing with us all.

12. B's favorite way of getting around is a full on run. It's quite scary. I'm thinking that Xanax is in my future.

13. He loves to dance and sing. Yo Gabba Gabba is still his favorite show.

14. Bradley loves the park.

15. Bradley really likes his shape toys except he will only put the red and yellow ones in it which he does quite well. I just wish the other shapes and colors got a chance.

There's a little glimpse into what all he's doing. This age is definitely a blast and keeps us on our toes.

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