February 17, 2012

What to do?

I think our dog, Parker, is anorexic.

Now, before you start laughing, roll your eyes, and exit my blog, hear me out.

Parker counts calories obsessively. I feed him every morning. However, if I happen to feed him more one morning than others he will still eat only the amount he normally eats. Also, if Bradley feeds him a lot of his food one day, Parker won't eat any of his own.

He also spits up... a lot.

Then, there is the fact that he's really skinny. Our vet keeps telling us he is at the bottom of the range for his weight and that he can't afford to lose any. We've tried everything to make him gain weight and he just won't give in.

And so I've decided that he's got to have anorexia.


Update: Since writing this post I googled anorexic dogs to see what came up and if I should take Parker to a pet psychic. Warning: do not google anorexia in dogs. It basically says that Parker has 6 months to live. (Seriously, I think WebMD and PetMD are trying to take over the world by making us all paranoid. Classic Gaslight situation.) Parker dying from this is hopefully untrue since every year at the check-up the vet raves at what good condition he is in. Plus, he's been weird about food since we got him, and so this is not a sudden change.

Here's some more examples of his food bizarro traits:

He cannot eat if you are in the room.
He also cannot eat more than one or two kibbles at a time.
To eat, he must put the food in his mouth, walk across the room, drop the food, and then he can eat it. It makes a mess and takes him forever to eat.
He also will not eat 95% of table scraps. This trait is quite annoying when you have a son that likes to throw food at your dog.

So all in all. I'm thinking we need to call in a pet psychic for sure.


Unknown said...

Love the picture! What kind of camera do you have? Your pictures always turn out so well!

Also, Dr. Wright at Mercer has written several books on pet psychology. I don't know if he still sees patients but he might!

Love the blog! Keep up the good work!

Rachel Wilson

Jessica said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for reading!! Most the pictures you see on the blog are actually taken with my iPhone. Crazy, huh??? I also have a point and shoot I use occasionally. But my dream is to get to an SLR to take really great photos. One day :-)