February 14, 2014

Classy Lady in the Rain

I have studied Emily Post etiquette. I have watched enough Project Runway and What Not to Wear to dress myself in a decent manner. I have even picked up a few cute hairstyles from Pinterest along the way.

Yes, there are days when I feel pretty good about myself.

And then there comes the kids... and rain... to bring me back to reality.


There I was, in the rain, one baby on the hip, one son holding my hand, and one umbrella attempting to cover us all. The carpool lane was full. I had 50 feet to go to the car.

I opened up the preschool door telling myself we could do this. We could make that 50 feet with no incident. As the door slammed shut behind me I realized it did so right in the face of my unaware 3 year old. He yelped. I lost my breath and quickly turned around to apologize and check to see how much damage I'd done when a puddle... no joke... a puddle came out of no where throwing me, the baby, the son who I had just hit in the face with the door and who was still holding my hand tighter than ever, and the umbrella to the ground... right in front of the super long carpool lane.

So, now, I was mortified. I was mortified that I had slammed the door on my son. Mortified that I had fallen with all my kids attached. And mortified that the 'eyes' of the carpool lane were all there to see.

My only solace in this situation is that perhaps all those moms chose the carpool lane and that moment in time to check Facebook on their iPhones rather than watching me take out my kids.

Oi vey!

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Sarah H. said...

Oh no!! I would have started crying. I hope everyone is feeling better today. Go eat a truffle :)