September 1, 2009

The Grocery List

It's a magical thing. When an item is used up or thought up, it goes on this piece of paper on our refrigerator. Then, each Sunday, the item appears at our apartment. This wonderful, magical list has only one flaw: my husband.

My husband has taken over the task of cooking each night. He is an amazing cook and I am so grateful for the time and energy he puts into it. But he doesn't seem to understand the full magic of the list.

I do partly blame myself. Since we got married two years ago, we have gone grocery shopping together. I enjoy the company and Jeremy has a keen talent for finding the most random items in a grocery store. It comes in handy.

But for most of those two years I cooked. And at that time the list was the best and easiest part of those trips. I would put the needed items on the list and then get those items. See how easy?!

But this is where the idea of the list gets lost in translation to Jeremy. Although he gets the part of putting things on the list that we need to pick up, he decides that while we are at the store he is going to add items at random to our cart. In his words, he "likes to get inspired while shopping." (insert pause)

Please understand. It is not the adding items to our cart that I mind. It's the time it takes for Jeremy to add the items to our cart. The main reason I was so eager for Jeremy to join me in my shopping trips originally was that he would help me make the trip faster. I could give him 4 items to go find while I continued down the aisles and he would shortly return with those items. Trips that would take me alone an hour take us together less than 30 minutes! Teamwork! It's awesome. And for someone as busy as I am, it means I can now actually get through my to do list for that day. I seriously thought I was the smartest wife in the world!

And then Jeremy decided to get inspired...

Now, grocery store trips last over an hour. And in case you didn't know, I'm not a very patient person. I would probably be okay if we shopped at Wal-Mart because the lines are an hour long alone, but we shop at Publix. There are no lines for me to wait on and I have stuff to do!

And while I really do enjoy shopping with Jeremy because he is wonderful to have around and we do laugh a lot, if his inspirations aren't put on our list or at least found at a quicker pace I may just have to provide him with some additional inspiration.

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