September 3, 2009

Staff Meeting

Me: "Last night I watched this show on Spike called Deadliest Warrior. The episode I saw was the Spartan vs. Ninja. The Ninja had crushed up glass that he would throw at his enemy's face. The glass would slowly grind into the enemy's eyes and blind him. I want some of that glass to carry around in case I'm ever attacked."
Co-Worker amidst laughter: "What?! Why not just use pepper spray?"
Me: "Pepper spray will only stun them for a little bit." 
Co-Worker #2: "Well, it would be long enough for you to get away."
Me: "But I want him to suffer and forever regret the day he tried to attack me. Plus, I don't want him to try attacking me or anyone else ever again." 
Co-Worker #3: "No, they wouldn't. They would just send someone else after you." 
Co-Worker #4: "If I were you, I'd just get a gun and shoot him. That would definitely end it."

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