September 12, 2009

My Calf

This post is dedicated to my new, wonderful calf.

Growing up I had many dreams for myself. I wanted to go to college (check), get a job (check), get married (check), and have calf muscles. I have never had them. I remember in dance class as a high schooler having to do stretches. There was this one stretch I was always embarrassed to do because it required you to flex your calf muscle to lift your feet off the floor. I always had to fake it. I remember watching the real dancers and dreaming of having their legs so that I could do the stretch.

Then I remember entering the workforce and falling in love with high heels. I wanted so bad for my calves to match that of the models on the runways. I once even tried applying makeup on my calf to give the illusion of a real muscle. It didn't last long.

I had almost given up on the dream. I figured I was doomed by hereditary and was going to be cursed with legs with no definition below the knee... man legs... It was horrible. Why me??

Then, last week I pulled out my favorite pumps, a fitted skirt, and decided to walk confidently into work ignoring the ugliness of my plain legs. As I walked up the stairs to my office the light from the window hit my leg just right and I couldn't believe my eyes.... below me was a calf muscle!! It isn't a tiny calf muscle; it is a huge, womanly calf muscle!!! 

I didn't think it was possible, but my dream of having calf muscles has come true. Now, I can't take the high heels off. And I can't stop staring at this new muscle. I just wish I knew a dancer to show her that I too can do those silly stretches... without cheating! Ha!

As a side note: I know that this is probably the result of me running and that to maintain this awesome new look I will have to keep running, but can I just celebrate without running for just a little longer??


Darleen said...

My Dear Sweet Jessica,

I am so proud of your new calf muscle. But I must ain't right!

Love ya,


Ashley Family said...

i must are hilarious!