September 10, 2009

Sitting in my hole


Remember Frankie from Seinfeld?

(Side note: I am a HUGE Seinfeld fan. Not one day passes by where I don't think, "I saw this on Seinfeld." or "This could be a Seinfeld episode." The show was genius.) 

Frankie was in the episode where Kramer decided he wanted to stop mail. Hilarious! Anyways, Frankie in that episode was known for digging holes in the park and sitting in them when he got upset. It was quite funny.

Well, if I was near a park and could dig a hole, I would. And I would sit in it for a really, really long time. And who knows, maybe I would meet another Frankie who just wants to sit with me.

Cause sometimes the only way to deal with stress is to hide from it until the feeling of despair goes away.

Research paper countdown: 11 days 4 hours

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