October 13, 2009

Cake Pops

This weekend was HUGE. I got a car!! AND I made Cake Pops!! Seriously, this weekend was huge.

As you are aware, I am no cook. I struggle through the whole process yet for some reason I dream. I dream of being the cute woman who makes perfect cupcakes. I think it is my event planning background. I want to be the Bree  Hodges- the perfect hostess.. and sadly, in my mind, that includes cooking. So I get these crazy ideas to try something new.. something complicated.. something that will make me look like gold. It's really torture. Honestly, I regret it most of the time.

But like I said, this weekend was huge. I was on a high from the new car smell. I bravely went where I have never dared to go before. Cake Pops. This story can only be told through pictures. Enjoy!


Making the cake. I was proud because I have done this before.

Proof that I CAN make cake mix out of a box.

The BEST part of baking is licking the spoon, bowl, mixer things, etc. I take this part seriously. It is to be enjoyed by all present... and leftover mix is NOT allowed!

Unfortunately for Jeremy, he did not realize just how important it is. He left chocolate on his mixer thing. Don't worry. I reprimanded him and told him what I expected.

And then I licked all the chocolate off of it for him. You know, to show him how it was supposed to look.

After the balls had frozen for a few hours. I poured myself a large glass of wine. Put on a TV Show. And started what I knew would be the hardest part in this whole process. (Side Note: I have not had wine in MONTHS because of my diet. Let's just say it was truly amazing I was still sorta standing up straight when I was done.)

These are the gloves I stole/paid for somewhere along the way from the doctor's office. I recommend wearing gloves! It was really messy!

My one mistake was I burnt one bag of chocolate. Thank goodness I had enough sense to buy two! Looks like I'm learning something!!

I stuck the lollipop sticks in after I froze the balls. I also recommend buying the really thick lollipop sticks.

I scooped the chocolate onto the cake pops with a spoon. I did not dipping. It was too risky!

Don't they look great???!!! I seriously wanted to do cart wheels throughout the apartment. I couldn't believe it.

I am now set in the baking category for the next year... or until I see another idea that touches my need to be a good hostess... I do hope it doesn't come for a while....

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