October 6, 2009

Dear Parker

Dear Parker,

As you know, your father just had surgery. He's weak and slow. He cannot play with you like you want nor can he take you for walks. I promise he still loves you despite this recent change.

I, on the other hand, have taken over all these responsibilities. This last week has been fun as I have selfishly had all your attention. You are a cute and lovable dog. However, your cuteness only goes so far.

If you don't stop ringing the bell and begging me to walk you an hour after I took you outside, you will not live to see another day. You should learn to take care of your business in a timely and complete manner. Remember, my precious baby boy, I own you; not the other way around. And trust me, your adorable expressions will not change my mind.


P.S. Thank you for reminding why I am not ready for children anytime soon.

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Darleen said...

Dear Parker,

Do not be distressed over the recent letter your mother sent. G-Momma still loves you and will walk you again the next time I visit. Aunt Jennifer says she will walk you as well. Please remind your mother that I assisted with the walking in addition to helping her tend to your father while he was ailing. Do not fear dear one, I will beat her down if she harms one hair on your furry little body. Hugs and kisses to your momma and daddy.