October 7, 2009

Getting to Work

It’s absolutely horrible. I have to go 9 miles. 9 miles! That’s it. It should be easy. I should be able to get in my car and 10 minutes later arrive at my office. But no. My work just happens to be located in the farthest most corner of the city. It is convenient to nothing and no one.

On average, it takes me 30 minutes to get to work. Can you believe it?? I swear you’d think I live in Atlanta. 30 minutes for 9 miles. Ridiculous. My husband commutes to another city over 30 miles away and he can get there faster than I can get to my office. It’s dumb.

Problem #2 is that I cannot get anywhere on time. You see, I hate sitting around after I get ready for the day. I want to get ready and go. I don’t want down time. I thrive in the fast pace of getting ready in less time than I need.  And due to the multiple outfit changes that happen each morning, I am inevitably late.

It’s not that I don’t have option, though. There are 4 routes that I can take.

For the first 9 months of my job I took Route #1. It was as close to a straight shot as I could get. But it was taking me over 30 minutes because EVERYONE takes this route. I would get stopped by every red light and if I got behind a slow car… it was over.

Then, I switched to Route #2. On this route, I go through a windy neighborhood with a lot less traffic. It took off 10 minutes on my commute. I was stoked!! Then, school started. And a police man who had never gotten trained in safety patrol decided that he should direct traffic. His first day at the post, I almost hit him because I forgot to put in my contacts and wear my glasses. My bad.  A couple weeks later, though, I almost hit him on purpose because he really, really doesn’t know how to direct traffic. After 10 minutes of waiting to go, I decided to finally direct myself and go. Stupid patrol man. So now my commute was back to 30 minutes.

Then, I talked to my co-worker. She told me she took another interstate and it only took her 15 minutes. I told her no way! And decided to try it this morning…

As usual I am late. I left my apartment when I was supposed to be arriving at work. Darn.

Then I go Route #3.

It was amazing! I got to my office in 15 minutes!!! No lie. I was sooo excited I called Jeremy and told him my late wasn’t really late because I took off 15 minutes of my late. He told me I was making no sense, but was happy for me nonetheless. 

I immediately run to my office suite and wait for my co-worker to tell her my happy news. I told her about my route and how much stress she took off me and how I really appreciate her telling me a new way to go. When I get done, I notice she is just staring at me blankly.  “What’ wrong?” I ask. “Well, I can’t figure out how you got that I go that way. I never go that way. And I would’ve never told you to go that way. But I am glad it helped you.” She goes on to tell me the way she does go.

Oh, well. Somehow I ended up on Route #3 and it has changed my life. Thank you universe!

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