October 9, 2009

The Kid Within

Today, Jeremy and I went to the surgeon's office for a follow up visit. I always dread going to the doctor. The wait is forever long, moving from one waiting room to another with actual doctor time coming to about 5 minutes!

The wait is excruciating espcially if you are as impatient as me.

I get antsy when enclosed in a tiny room. Antsy and bored- a dangerous combination. It is the time when the child from within decides to show up.

Let me just start by saying that I went to the doctor's office today prepared. I brought my grad school accounting book ready to study like a civilized adult. In the wait room, I had Fox News to occupy me with my book. I felt good.

Then, Fox News announced Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. I was immediately in shock and decided to voice my opinion. How could someone who has done nothing in his first year in the Oval Office win what is supposed to be the most prestigious award in the world?? A woman across from me snickered as Jeremy told me I needed to keep my voice below a whisper. I know that I'm opinionated and occassionally I voice these opinions, a lot of the time without concern has to who is in my audience. It just adds to my wonderful personality.

Soon, the nurse rescues Jeremy by calling us back to a small room with no TV, a view of a building, and old magazines. This is when I get bored. My first step to fix my problem is to sing. I've been watching and really enjoying Glee.. I know it's not normal to burst out in song and dance in the middle of a conversation about sneezes, but I had to do something to pass the time. Right as I was about to hit my high note, though, I see the latex gloves. I'm going to attempt to make cake pops this weekend (don't worry pictures will be put online) and a part of it is messy. I needed gloves to help keep my hands as clean as possible. I immediately run (yes it was only 4 feet away) to the gloves and grab two of the large ones, run back across the room (again, 4 feet- I didn't want to get caught!), and shoved them in my purse. This what followed:
"Should I have grabbed two of the size small instead?" (They didn't have medium)

"Jessica... seriously." The sound of Jeremy snickering. Back story: I have man hands. Jeremy apparently broke up with me the first time partly because he couldn't get past my big hands. All I can say is: Thank you Dad!

"Jeremy. That is not nice. I just don't want them to be too big!"

"Come on, Jessica. They aren't going to be too big. I mean, I like your big boned hands."

"Big boned! That's horrible! I did lose weight. And I happen to think that some of that weight was in my hands."

The sound of Jeremy's laugh... and mine.. I know I got my dad's hands... what is a girl supposed to do??

At this point, I decide it is game time. High Five, Low Five, Middle Five... Too slow.. except Jeremy tricked me. He would distract me and get my hand everytime... you see the kid within?

Finally, I win and move on to the rolling stool. This provides the most fun. Until I notice that I can move Jeremy's bed by stepping on a peddle. Jeremy tells me to stop and something about the doctor coming in (We'd been waiting for over 30 minutes)... and I go back to spinning...

And then I fall off the stool on my tail bone... It was hysterical. My mom's voice entered my head, "You see what happens when you play around?? Now, sit in your chair and be still."

Which I did, but the whole time I was thinking about how much fun I had goofing off while waiting.

Acting "adult" is way over rated.

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