October 20, 2009

The Life of a Gamer

One thing you should know about me if we are going to continue our relationship is that I love games. Actually, I'm obsessed with games. I am competitive to my core. I will fight to death and I will pout if I lose. My biggest thrill is winning, and to be honest I am a huge winner.

My husband and I have a game closet. It is filled with all kinds of games; we do not discriminate. We have Monopoly, Clue, Gestures, Cranium, Rook, Playing Cards, Candy Land, Hungry Hippo, Phase 10... the list goes on and on.

Seriously, the best gift you could give us is more games. I get such a rush from playing them.

So logically corn mazes are super exciting for me... right?

Well, you'd think they would be. Except for some reason at the end I'm always disappointed. I feel like if a person wonders around enough they're destined to get out. Where's the competitiveness in that? Now, if it were a corn maze with paint ball war attached I'd be all over it! Then you'd have a clear cut winner and loser. I need to be a winner.

Each year, though, I try. I try to force the thrill out of a corn maze. I research where the biggest and best are and I go. Hoping that this will be the one to meet my need.

This past weekend the destination was The Rock Ranch. The ranch is owned by Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A. I had heard that the corn maze was awesome. So when I woke up to 30 degree weather with a forecast of rain, I was not dismayed. By golly, we were going!

(Plus, it was an excuse to use my turn-by-turn navigation system in my new car. Two birds. One stone. One happy wife. Jeremy was not about to argue.)

Yup, my sweet husband went with me in the cold and rain!

This is the start. The theme was Abraham Lincoln. Each fork contained a question and the answer told you which direction to go. Plus the maze was shaped like his head. Cool, right? Sadly, Jeremy and I both forgot to study up on our facts, but we studied him in elementary school. How hard could it be?

 This was at the top of one of the walkways. At this point, we were doing alright. They had a praying area we stopped at and said a quick prayer just in case.

Soon, though, it just got hard. We couldn't find questions. Probably because we were going the wrong way. We ended up going back towards the entrance instead of away from it. I needed a map. I love maps. (Seriously, I have this obsession with knowing where I am in the world at all times. My friends make fun of me when we go on trips.)

 After a while, I got hungry. We'd be wondering around for what seemed like a century!

But like I said. Anyone can get out of a corn maze. We eventually did get out and I was left unsatisfied. It was fun and all. (If you have kids you should definitely go to the Ranch.) But I didn't get the full thrill out of winning against an inanimate object. So I beat the corn- yay!  The corn has no clue that it lost. It has no clue that I won either! I might as well have lost. And that is a horrible feeling.

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