November 12, 2009

Atlanta Friends

I grew up in a really small town in SOUTH Georgia. It is a town where everyone knows everyone and everything. You have to leave your house fully put together because you are bound to run into 20 people on any errand and the minute you misbehave the 'rents know.

As a child it was annoying. There was never anything to do. The most excitement came from trips to Tallahassee. Everything closed at 6 except for Wal-Mart and back then the restaurant choices were sparce. I couldn't wait to move away, My dream was to live it large in a big city!

So after college, when I was offered a job in Atlanta, I jumped at it! I was going to get my dream. I moved into an one-bedroom apartment 15 minutes from my office... in rush hour (which if you know anything about Atlanta traffic that in and of itself is amazing). I knew no one, but I didn't care. I was in the big city!

And I loved it. I loved the cooler weather. (It may have only been 10 degrees cooler, but, trust me, it makes a difference.) I loved watching the leaves change colors. I loved all the things I could do. I was very rarely bored. The shopping was wonderful...I LOVE to shop. But most of all I loved the friends I made.

 It took me six months to make my first friends.

We met through a Bible Study. We were all transplants and all had no friends in the area. I think the commonality bonded us immediately. We were also very raw with each other. I'd only had a few friends prior who I could be that real with and they still love me and want to hang out. We struggled together, laughed together, cried together, and were just together- good or bad.

As we met more people, we grew slightly. Some have married, some, including me, moved off, but we have still remained close. There is nothing I wouldn't do for these women. They are amazing, admired greatly, and this weekend I get to see them! I can't wait!!


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Kim said...

Aw! Transplants become friends... and what you said is true - I think we would do anything for each other! :) It was so fabulous to see you, and we need to make sure we take turns travelling more -- I'm next! Thanks for bringing back some memories... LOVE YOU!