November 11, 2009


By Wednesday of each week I am exhausted. I've already worked two days, had one class, prepared for the other class to take place on Thursday, had a Junior League meeting, and prepared for S Group. My brain power is diminishing. I am forgetful about things like paying the rent or feeding the dog. I have knots in my back that push against my nerve endings causing sharp pains in my head. And if I can't work out (which in a week like this week is the case) I turn to food for comfort. My go to is a cold coke and chocolate.

 But thankfully Fox knew this. They knew that on Wednesdays of each week I need something to look forward to. I need something to give me a push into Thursday and Friday with a cheery attitude. I need Glee.

Yes, my Wednesdays revolve around Glee. I block out that hour for nothing else. I prepare in the morning by situating the couch cushions just right. I lay out my p.j.'s so I can run in the house, change, and wait. Wait for the joy that is about to come from my T.V.

For the past two weeks, I have followed this routine... and I am positive you have heard the yells at 9 p.m. coming from homes much like mine around the United States. Why? Because the World Series took its place.


I know. Can you believe it? First, why is Fox hosting the World Series? And second, is it really any mystery as to who is going to win anymore? Seriously?? The Yankees win it again.. for the gazillionth year. Yay... It's a little ridiculous to use all that T.V. space for the inevitable... especially when there are people who plan their Wednesdays around a show airing on that station!

But not today. I went online and tonight Glee is back!! My cushions are arranged. My p.j.'s are out. And I will be singing show tunes all day.

And to celebrate, I am off to the vending machine. Happy Hump Day!

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