December 1, 2009

How to be cool

I know that as an adult I should be okay with who I am as a person and should no longer be as concerned as to who likes me and doesn't.. but seriously, who doen't want to be cool? It has been a long dream of mine. A couple of months ago I was fortunate to buy a Brogen's T-shirt. Apparently all the cool kids have one and instantaneously my cool points jumped up.

How could I not look cool in this shirt??

But then I hit the holy grail of coolness thanks to the college girls in my Bible Study. I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for making my dreams come true. (Seriously, thank you!) And since I am such a nice person (yes, Ryan, Megan, and Rebekah... I am nice), I am going to pass on this secret to you. For I have a dream. A dream where all people are given an equal opportunity to be cool without regard to clumsiness, extra-curricular activities, or style. A dream that I hold dear and one I hope to see come true in my lifetime...

Here is how you can be cool:

First, grab your cutest scarf.

Fold it in half longways and then short ways. Wrap it around the back of your neck leaving the loop open.

Take one of the ends and put it through the loop.

No need to pull tight and choke yourself. You do want to be alive for the coolness, right??

Grab the second end now... It's about to get tricky.

Loop it through the hole the opposite way as the other. You have to go around the loop and enter through the back. Don't worry. You are doing great!

Tighten it, but not too tight.

And this is what your scarf will look like when you are done.

Now, quickly, find a mirror and check out just how cool you have become!! Who would've thought coolness was this easy??

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Melissa Dark said...

Jess, you are adorable and, of course, supercool. Hope we can get together with you guys soon. Until then, I will just stalk you on your blog!