December 6, 2009

Shout out to K. Marie Photography!

Ever since I learned the secret to modeling from Tyra Banks, I knew I had to get in front of a camera. Seriously, Tyra said I could get anything I wanted through smeyesing. Why not try it out??

Thankfully, I have really talented, artsy friends, especially Kerinsa Mullins. We met about 5 years ago. I swear, she's my twin. We think alike, talk alike, like the same things... The only difference is that I am completely envious of her curly red hair. Over the years, Jeremy and I have really come to love Kerinsa and her husband. They are wonderful friends.

Well, a couple of months ago (literally a couple of months ago) Kerinsa bought a new camera, photoshop, and found her new love. I am amazed at her natural talent behind the camera.

I quickly decided that I needed family pictures. Christmas time is coming and that means Christmas cards! You can check out Kerinsa's amazing work **HERE**.

We love you, Kerinsa! Thank you so much for spending the evening with us and getting us kicked out of the park ;-)! You rock!


Kerinsa said...

I'm so glad you like the pics, and thanks for the shout out! Let's hang out soon, twin. :) Love you guys!


Rebecca said...

Hahahaha smeyesing = awesome.