February 12, 2010

The American Pastime


As a woman, it is the American pastime.

I love it like a fat kid loves cake...maybe even more.

But I like shopping my way. I love shopping in boutiques where outfits are put together for you and selection is small. Where you can look at a mannequin and say, "I want that outfit." Then, a wonderful salesperson finds that outfit for you to try on. I am notorious for using salespeople. I walk into the store, find the nicest looking employee, and become his or her best friend. It makes shopping quick, more exciting, and a lot less stressful.

Shopping this way, though, means that I rarely, if ever, bargain shop. I just don't have the patience. I have many friends who can go to Kohls, Ross, etc. and find the greatest, cutest outfits for nothing. I, on the other hand, walk into those stores and just stare blankly waiting for that bargain to let me know it's there. When it doesn't I try to search. I've even coached myself up to that moment, "You can find it. You can find that awesome outfit." But inevitably I leave disappointed, bruised, and beaten by the millions of clothes I just sifted through. Culling is just not my thing.

Over the years, I have learned to adapt to my method of shopping. Why change a good thing? Right??

And Houston.. that's where we have our problem.

You see, my method of shopping apparently does not work in home search department. I've tried to make it work. I've gotten a Realtor. I've looked online at pictures (i.e. a home's version of a mannequin)

But still... I'm learning that with home searching comes a great need to be patient, shop around for weeks (which I'm starting to wonder if it will be months), look for bargains, and put things together myself... everything I hate.

Jeremy and I have gone out three times so far and have looked at over 20 homes... none of which made us sing songs, embrace, and sigh happily at the thought of living there.  Jeremy is still determined and happy. Me: I'm frustrated.

For one, why don't people at the very least, post pictures of the entire home online. That way I can view the good, the bad, and the ugly before I go out to see the home.

Second, this patience thing is kicking my butt. As a solution, I tried get Jeremy to look at the homes and then take me to look at his favorite... except Jeremy, well, he's just a romantic... and he wants to be that cute couple that finds their dream home together... ugh... I even looked into hiring a "pretend" Jessica. A friend who would go out and look at the houses with Jeremy... and then I'd go look at their favorite... but even my friends agree with Jeremy... double ugh...

And third?? Well, boys seem to change their minds like they change their underwear. We'll go into one house and Jeremy will say, "I don't like this house because of XYZ." And at the next house he'll say, "I like this house because of XYZ." Except XYZ was the exact same thing at both houses.. so not only am I trying to figure out what I want in a home, but I also have to somehow interpret what Jeremy wants in home... and how can I do that if he doesn't even know??

And so here we are. Approaching day 4 of looking at homes. Jeremy is wishful. And me?? Well, I'm hoping a margarita and mexican food will be awaiting me.. although.. preceding may not be a bad idea either....

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Kerinsa said...

Love it, and again, we're twins! That's the same way I felt when looking for our house, but unfortunately I had to shop without David altogether. Your right house is out there somewhere, possibly on Kingsley Drive. Haha!

You're such a good writer. :)