February 22, 2010

I might be eaten by the dog

My favorite place to study is Starbucks. The smell of coffee, light distraction of strangers coming and going, the occasional friend who stops to say hello. It's wonderful, except that it means I don't come home most nights until late. Jeremy understands this during a test week. He'll even join me on a night or two, but what he does not understand is why I have to continue to study at Starbucks when I don't have a test.

Well, you see, I'm terrified of our dog.

I think he is contemplating a way to eat me. And when I am studying he can study me in an effort to plan his attack. Oh, and trust me, I wish I was joking. I wish that the scary pictures below weren't real and that I dreamed it all up. But trust me. He thinks his middle name is danger and my name is food... dog food.

This past week in an attempt to satisfy my husband, class requirements, and sanity in my house, I set up my study area in our dining room. Instead of Starbucks, I settled for water out of the tap. Instead of people watching, I watched TV. For about 5 minutes, I thought, "Hey. This could work. I may actually be able to study in our apartment." Apparently, I spoke too soon, because at that moment I noticed Parker...


staring at me. He was standing about 4 feet from me, completely still, not being distracted by anything, staring right at me. At first, I thought he wanted to get in my lap. I told him to come. He didn't move. I asked him what he wanted. He continued to stare. And it wasn't just staring... it was staring... creepy staring... FOR OVER AN HOUR!

Here is a photo catalog of my evening with the dog who wants to eat me. (Sorry for the bad resolution. Photos were taken on my phone because I was afraid if I moved, he would think I was weak and attack.)

These pictures were taken in about 10 min. increments.


He did move to reposition himself so that he could continue to stare at me.


Yes, he even sat to allow himself to be more comfortable. Thanks, Parker. I'm glad you were comfortable!

Finally, I had enough and called Jeremy to come help. Jeremy told him to get in his bed. Which he did. Except he could still stare at me from his bed... which he did.... great. Just know, sweetheart, you're probably next.


 It didn't take long for him to sneak closer. I held my breath for a good 5 seconds hoping it wasn't the end.


It wasn't. I just have a psycho dog who wants to eat me.

And by the way, Honey, this week you can find me at Starbucks. I don't think studying in the apartment is for me... heck, I don't think sleeping in our apartment is for me either. So please forward my mail. I'll let you know where later... just in case Parker can now use a computer and is spying on me.

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Darleen said...

I can tell right now that Parker is gonna have to spend spring break in Thomasville with G-Momma and Gigi.