May 25, 2010

Do not stare

Do you remember in Sleeping Beauty how the needle on the sewing machine drew the princess to touch it causing her to fall into a deep sleep?

Well, stare too long at this face and you'll forget.

You'll forget that just moments before as you were trying to pack, he brought you every toy he owns and laid them in your lap. Then proceeded to stare at you as if you weren't trying to do accomplish anything at all.

You'll forget that as you packed each box, he had to sniff, bite, and come in contact with every item entering the box to ensure that it was indeed okay for that particular box.

You'll forget that he must literally be in the middle of all action. So moments earlier he was in your lap preventing you from reaching the items you were trying to pack.

You'll also forget that he just strung toilet paper throughout the bathroom for no reason than to add another item to your to do list.

Yes, this face is dangerous. And he knows it. He knows that if you get upset with him he just has to look at you. One look. And instantly you forget just how annoying and hard he can make packing. Then, instead of trying to pack, you pick up his toy and give him your undivided attention. Because that's just the kind of dog mom you are. A sucker for a cute face.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

That picture of Jeremy and Parker looks like one of those Olan Mills shots :) Haha.