May 19, 2010

A sad day indeed

This post is about a week late. I have a good reason for the delay. I've been in mourning. Real mourning. Remember in January when I came up with my New Year's Resolutions? Yes, I decided to invite resolution into my 2010.

I was determined that of all years 2010 would be different. I would grow as a person, experience new things, mature for goodness sakes. But then, last week something horrible happened.

It actually didn't start out horrible. It  started out pretty great in fact. I found out through twitter that The Worst Cook in America was holding auditions in Atlanta! Practically my backyard! I was so super excited. Immediately, I began to plan. I downloaded the application, looked at the requirements, and tried to figure out a way to make it that weekend.
The requirements were simple: bring the application and a dish to make. The dish choice was easy. Boxed cake mix. I have a real hard time with boxed cake mix, but I knew that it was the only thing that I could make in front of people. Plus, I thought if I destroyed a box cake and made a couple funny comments, the chances of me being chosen would be higher.

The application was a cinch. I was a perfect candidate. I have the charm, the lack of skill, the funny stories, plus plenty of aprons. I just knew I'd be chosen. Of course, when I exclaimed this to Jeremy, he kindly asked why I would ever want to be on a reality TV show and suggested I not try out. INSANE! I was trying out and he'd have to support me as my husband. Or at least I told him that.

But there was one issue. Shooting started in June and lasted until July. I would have to take the summer off work to participate. Mind you, I realize we are in a recession,  I am on a contract, and I am entering into the busiest time of the year, but it's my New Year's Resolution, People. AND I AM A PERFECT CANDIDATE!!

So when my boss came into my office on Thursday afternoon, I laughed about what I had received on twitter, told her about my resolution, and then the months. Her response was simple "Aw, well you could do that  next year!" Yes, not only hinting that this year was completely out of the question, but also hinting that the renewing of my contract just might not be a possibility. Don't get me wrong. I knew the minute I saw that filming started so soon that I was out, but I still needed to dream.

So this past week I have mourned. I have eaten ice cream cones, chips with dip, popcorn, and donuts. I have wallowed. I have cried. But now, I must come to peace with my resolution fail. And just in case Resolution thinks he's won or has any sort of upper hand in my life, I've decided not to tell him about our move next week. You know, to show him who the bigger person really is.

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