July 28, 2010

My Inner Domino Self

I don't believe in reincarnation. But if I did, I would swear I was Dorothy Draper in a former life. I love anything and everything to do with interior design. I love finding inspiration and bringing it to life. I love thinking outside the box, combining pieces from different genres, and just being able to make something feel like you. I am seriously a nut for it.

So it was only natural that when Jeremy and I decided to buy a house, I immediately started to follow 50 design blogs. Jeremy's one rule was I was only allowed to do one room a year. I could do that room any way I wanted, but I had to stick with that one room. I happily agreed.

First room, living room!

When I graduated from college, I needed furniture for my first apartment. It was just me in a one bedroom so I wasn't really picky. I bought a couch, love seat, coffee table, and side table for a total of $150 from another college student. I was in heaven. The furniture was semi-cute. It had obviously been in the girl's family for years, but was cheap and functional.

Today, nothing is more annoying than coming home to that furniture. The holes are bigger than they once were, the cushions don't really fluff anymore and are constantly falling off the couch, and the lumps have made it just plain uncomfortable.

A new living room was a must!

Then, we got the news. I was pregnant.

This meant my inner domino self would have to refocus all thoughts of a new living room onto a nursery.

So while other new mothers are reading books on pregnancy, motherhood, and babies, I added nursery room decor blogs to my already long list and started scouring through my old Domino magazines. 

(Last night, Jeremy actually asked me if he should be concerned that I haven't read anything and am doing no research. I told him no that we'd be just fine... Although, I might just have a nervous breakdown once the baby comes forth. For now, though, I'm really okay living in ignorance and not having panic attacks every couple hours. Plus, my sister loves google and we have to take classes soon. Yeah, we'll be just fine....Where is that paper bag I had earlier??)

It didn't take long for me to create my first inspiration board. Jeremy's comment: "What if it's a boy?" My response, "I really want a girl. I have girly taste. Plus, some of this is kinda boyish."

Inspiration Board #1

And then it happened. The baby showed us his little wee wee. My first thought was, "Aw! A boy!! He looks like a scary dinosaur!" My second thought was, "Oh no! How do I decorate for a boy???? I'm girly!"

So upon returning to our house, I began trying to get inspired by the thought of all things boy. I began looking at what I had and decided why I had chosen it. I loved the solid colors with pops of bright colors and patterns. I loved the navy and orange. I hated nursery themed rooms. And within 48 hours, I had a new inspiration board. (Like I said, I really like design.)

Inspiration Board #2

Over the next couple of months, I plan on slowly revealing to you how I take this inspiration board and bring it to life. And trust me, it's starting to really come together nicely! We've already gotten in many wonderful pieces and have more on it's way. I'm seriously giddy with excitement!

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