July 26, 2010

The best thing to happen all year

Well, minus Bradley...

Have I mentioned on here that we are having a BOY?! I don't think I have. And we are! Bradley Garrett Johnson. He's long, growing faster than "normal", and a kicker. Oh, and he hates the pool. But I think he's starting to like me. I sing to him and feed him. He's beginning to understand just how important I am to his little life. Finally...

Oh, and then there's the house. That was big too.

But trust me. My most recent purchase is a close number three.

I should also warn you that the pictures below are not the best quality. I apologize. The minute Mr. UPS showed up at my doorstep my camera died, I cried, weighed my options, and grabbed my iPhone. The package was going to explode if I didn't open it right away. (Actually, I would have exploded with excitement and anticipation. Then, Jeremy would have had to clean up the mess. It would have been a hassle. I was saving him the trouble really.)

Parker was excited too. I took a picture, but my iPhone deleted it. You'll have to trust me. He knew what was coming. I'd let him in on the little secret to be fair.

The box "it" came in. And I really should tell you that while looking around for baby decor for Bradley's room, I have come across some really cool stores. One is CB2. It's super modern and fun. Probably mine and Jeremy's number one decor store right now. And this is the store where I found this wonderful, wonderful purchase.

Confession: I almost wet myself when I got to this point.


Can you stand it??

Any guesses??

Dun Dun Dun!!!!

Yes, my greatest purchase this year was this beautiful leather hippo!!

He really is fabulous. And he will look perfect with my housewarming gift! (Which must be lost in the mail...) 

But other than just being stinkin' cute and awesome, this hippo was handmade and is numbered! How cool is that? He's number 2490 out of 9999. I feel like a regular art collector. He came with a tag and everything! oh! And he has a name! Seriously, this purchase got better and better every second.

Yes, Budy and Bradley will be very happy together. I seriously may move into their room. I really don't think either will mind. Parker can join us. Jeremy should go find that missing housewarming gift, then maybe he can join us.

Confession #2: Budy came to work with me today. I couldn't bear the thought of separation. Plus, he deserves to be shown off.

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