May 17, 2010


In two weeks, Jeremy, Parker, and I will be making the trek 15 miles south to reside in our new home!! We are extremely excited. As the move gets closer, I get asked a few questions quite a bit.

1. Are you packed?
This question is tricky. Slowly, and I mean slowly, Jeremy and I have been working on getting packed. And to be honest, Jeremy is a saint. He has pretty much done all the packing. While this has made my life easier and more manageable, I can't help but cringe just a little. You see, I am a thrower-outer and Jeremy is a hoarder. Which by nature means that when we go to unpack, I will have to be watching closely to throw out all that was hoarded. But I'm not going to complain. Jeremy really is w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. I mean, how many husbands have saved every single love note you've ever sent them over your entire relationship which easily spans 10 years! (We'll ignore the fact that most were from the beginning and not now and just focus on how sweet I was am to care so much to send a card.)

2. Are you going to have a housewarming party?
Aw! You know I love parties. And you know I love to plan them. We would LOVE, LOVE to have a housewarming party. We'll have to see. Just know, that the event will be BYOC (Bring your own chairs). We'll provide the beer.

3. Can I get you a housewarming present?
Of course!! Below is a picture of the perfect present. It's always been a dream of mine to have one of these as a pet. It's my favorite animal. They are so cute. And what a great conversation piece?? At 33” Long, 18.5” High, 11” Wide, it is an easy footstool. Yes, I'd love this hippo. (P.S. Ignore the expense. You really can't put a price on a perfect present, can you?)

 4. Now that you have a house, when will you have a baby?
Never. And just because you so rudely ask, add 20 years to the never. Cause that's how I roll.

5. How is Parker handling the transition?
As well as any adorable, cute little dog. By getting in the way. This requires a second post entirely. Be on the look out.

6. What are you most excited about?
About owning something. About decorating too. Ah, I have ideas! TONS of ideas. I'm also excited about something being mine... and Jeremy's... and the bank's... but we all know it is really mine. ;-) I just can't wait to get settled and wake up one Saturday and think, "Wow. I'm in a beautiful home with the greatest husband and most precious dog and we're just a little more grown up today than we were a year ago." I don't know how it will be, but I'm sure it will be joyous. 


Momma said...

Can't wait to see y'all! So excited for and proud of you both!
1. Don't feel bad about the hoarding - I still have all of the Ninja Turtles at my house. I keep hoping they'll make a comeback and be worth lots of money one day.
2. Sounds like fun. I'll bring limes.
3. Though cute, a little out of my league - sorry!
4. When we're good and darn ready, and not a moment before!
5. But he's so adorable!
6. Enjoy every minute of it!

Jeremy said...

To Momma,

1. Hey, those ninja turtles are mine! Still have the ThunderCat underwear as well?

Momma said...

Possession and storage is gonna cut into your profit. Still have the dino riders as well. Lord know I've saved everything else, so the ThunderCats may be there too. I still have the first tooth and first hair cut trimmings so there's hope. Love you!