August 30, 2010

Canada, Oh, Canada

Last week, Jeremy went on a business trip to the grand city of Montreal where he got to listen to French, eat crepes, and do everything I'd been begging us to do together for years. Unfortunately, it was a strict work trip and I was not to go.... and this did not sit well with me.

Jeremy and I have never been the couple where we must do everything together. Actually, we are quite the opposite. We enjoy each others company and spending time together, but we also enjoy a very different set of hobbies. He's into sports and outdoorsy things. Me? Well, let's just say I went camping once. It involved an RV with air conditioning, a TV, bathroom, kitchen, and it was rough. I prefer to have my sheets changed, food served, and everything nice.

So why I acted like an hysterical 5-year-old the minute Jeremy started packing for this trip is beyond me. But I did. I cried, and not just any cry. It was the type of crying where you lose your breath and start hyperventilating. And I couldn't stop. It was horrible. You would've thought he was going to war, not a neighboring country.

And just as I started to realize how silly I was acting, Parker decided to let Jeremy know his thoughts as well.

We just don't function well without our Pack Leader.

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