September 1, 2010

When You Send a Man to the Grocery Store

Jeremy was so sweet this week. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by my super long to do list that has grown legs and taken on another life of its own when Jeremy offered to go grocery shopping for me. My grocery list was super organized by aisle and with as much detail as I could provide (size, brand, etc.). I felt confident in his ability to get all the items on the list and told him my phone was going to be on me in case he had any questions. And then as with most things today I simply forgot all about the entire conversation, the need for food in our house, and basically every other thought I had prior to forgetting them all.

Today, I needed to find some of the items he had bought. I open up the fridge. Everything looked good. Then, I moved to the pantry. And what did I find?? Well, let's just say I didn't even know they made cream of chicken soup in this large of a can.

As I stared at it, I just kept wondering... why in the world would he buy such a big can?? I knew I put how much I needed on the list. Then, I wondered where he found such a big can. Then, I thought... how are we going to use all this cream of chicken soup?

So I did what any wife does in these situations. I went to the source.

"Jeremy, honey, I love that you went shopping for me. I mean really I do. It was soo sweet and helped soo much. But, sweetheart, why did you buy such a big can of cream of chicken soup? Did you not see the sizes I'd placed right beside each item?"

"I know it meant a lot. I did see it. I think it said 10 oz. That's 10 oz."

"Baby, this is 26 oz. not 10 oz."

"I swear it said 10 oz. on it."

And, Ladies and Gentlemen, upon closer review of the can. It did indeed say 10 oz.

1 pound 10 oz!

I think it is going to take Jeremy a little while to live this one down.

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