September 4, 2010

Cleaning out the Camera

This weekend is going to be big and exciting! We are painting Bradley's room!! And to prepare, I decided to clean out the camera. Enjoy!

"I just want to be left alone..."

If I had a dime for every time I came home to this, I'd retire today.

I may sometimes over pack for a trip...

"My two favorite things: sleeping and spooning."

In his Christmas coat. We'll say he loves it, with the definition of love being used loosely.

I may or may not have staged this photo.

Freshly groomed by yours truly.

And finally...

The bump two weeks ago.


Jamie Dickson said...

Cute! I think I'm wearing the blue version of the maternity sweater you're wearing. Did you get it from GAP?

Jessica said...

Aw. This is embarrassing. I actually bought that shirt right after I got preggars from Ann Taylor Loft thinking I'd blow up immediately. I was only buying shirts that were stretchy and long... This past weekend was my first adventure into maternity wear... and no worries.. a blog post is to come ;-)